#22 Irving ‘MO22IE’ Mosquito


Yeah i understand. It had just never really occurred to me because they were playing against big fellas in the VFL. Very different intensity to AFL though.


Surely won’t play. Nowhere near fit enough.

Excited for the future but don’t think he is ready


I have seen him live in 4 VFL games. He has copped a lot of niggle at times and still turned around and kicked dazzling goals. He is tougher than he looks. Goes in hard , gets up and goes again.
In the games I saw, he played about 25% on the wing and 75% forward. Just when you think, “yeh,
after that, now he will be gassed”, he goes again.


I think naming him was reward for a few good games by him and also a little PR on the side to the fans after all the doom and gloom talk this week


Actually the difference between me going to the game or not, anyone know if his family have booked flights ?


If he plays, and plays small forward, which seems likely, it will be a struggle for him. He actually gets more of the ball when he plays up the ground, so he would be suited to start out his career on the wing in the seniors. In the VFL I’ve seen him go for long periods in games without getting a touch as a small forward. What he does is pretty classy/flashy though.


this seasons farked. bring him in so he knows what to expect when he plays every game next season


Whenever we see Walla run near the ball, our excitement levels rise.
It will be the same with Mo22ie.


Its already happening in the VFL


I’m not too concerned about his physical size. I am concerned about his aerobic endurance for a full game at AFL level.

But I’m not sure it matters a lot. If he fades in the 2nd half, so be it.


Oh yeah, diversion tactic 101… when things aren’t going well with the team… announce a contract extension or debut an exciting young player. If it’s not this week, Mossie will play soon (my money’s on Sunday. The club needs bu.ms on seats). Then, as the teams plight worsens, the club announces that Parish commits for another 2 seasons.


Alot more stopages in the wet,slower game.

Its time fark yas


The kid is dying to play at the level. Adrenalin might get him through his first game.


Mo22ie was good in that first wet practice game at Sandy. He’s not the Wicked Witch of the West.


I hope he gets his chance


l hope he takes his chance… to the tune of 4 goals.


Like me in the bedroom. Multiple short 15 second efforts.


or give away memberships to people who didnt sign up this year.




Did cyril have the same perceived issue of lack of enduance when they chucked him in in 08 ?
can’t remember so i’m curious if that was a supposed issue for him back then ?

maybe said perceived lack of endurance could be utilised if he was simply told to stay at the feet of mckernan and just rove him all day.