#22 Irving ‘MO22IE’ Mosquito


Yep cyril would struggle to run out under 18 games, but hed also kick 6 goals and have 30 disposals in Div 2.

IF Rioli got to play with the Allies against Div 1 sides he would have been rated higher at the draft.


Yes he did, but they had a robust enough team that they could use him well and absorb those down periods. Bench size and usage also helped, he could be rotated off the ground for extended periods to stay fresh enough. Not as easy to do now though.


Good selection. Don’t won’t his first loss to be against Fark Carlton.


Had his index and middle fingers on his right hand bound together in the rooms prior to the AFL game.


Clearly to stop him flipping the bird at Worsfold for not playing him.


Emergency last week.
Its time to bring him in this week, especially if Fantasia misses.


No. It’s not


Had half of one finger amputated, to look like Myers.


Debut in WA the following week then easier for family to travel?


Personally, I think being picked as Emergency is a sign they think he’s close.

I wouldn’t be shocked if he played against WCE.


If he debuts in WA Woosha should be sacked.


Are you saying he IS going to debut in W.A?
Because woosha definitely should be sacked


there is precedent

Hird was picked to play in WA for his last game and Sheedy never coached Essendon after that…


Are you saying Mozzie’s first game will be his last?


let’s wait and see what @Humble_NSW_Fan has heard?


Or Daniel Chick.

Maybe there is something in this to get Woosha’s attention…


My sauces are strangely quiet on the Mozzie.

I do believe once it warms up a bit we will see more of him.

Make of this what you will.


Coffee shop run mate.
Get on it…


I will squeeze my sauces a bit harder and see what they yield.

You heard it here first.


I don’t care where he debuts. Just GET HIM IN!