#22 Irving ‘MO22IE’ Mosquito

I really want to hear Hawthorn supporter hearts breaking.
If/when he gets a chance against the Hawks, and does a couple of Rioli like moves thru traffic to kick a goal or set up a team mate, you just know they’ll be thinking “WTF did we do here” ?

This needs to happen as I dislike Hawthorn supporters to a large degree !


it’s exciting to know we have an exciting debut to look forward to


Don’t squeeze too hard…


2021 shapes as an exciting year


Irving - don’t make plans for 2020

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He will be fully primed preseason on 22.2.22 as well it has Mo22ie written all over it.

Stupid Tuesday matches…


All the same I’ve been reliably informed that Alistair Clarkson yesterday ordered the AFL umpiring department to conduct an exhaustive clean up operation of any open air pools of water in the vicinity of the MCG. Given recent weather conditions the umpiring department is expected to pull double, round the clock shifts in the lead up to Friday’s clash.

Why are they doing it at the MCG? Aren’t we playing at Docklands?

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Think he is saying this will be the start of an illustrative career, what ends something starts blah blah blah

Sources obviously as confused as everyone else

What? He’s getting a heap of tattoos?


Doesn’t seem the tattoo type :thinking:

Illustrative, or illustrious.

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Possibly. Hopefully.

Or it could be like Zerk-Thatcher who was emergency earlier in the year but ultimately a spot didn’t open up for him.

Accordingly to Fletch (helps out with JHA and our new gen stuff), Mozz is very close.


If he gets a game this year, great. If not, no bother. It was always meant to be about 2020 anyway. He’s shown enough glimpses off limited prep.


Has he mentioned how Fletch 3.0 (Mason) is going

He said (jokingly) that he needs to drink more beer and eat more steak as he is 6ft 7in but usual Fletcher build. He has played last 6 or 7 games with Calder (i think) and his back issues are ok. ‘Going ok’ was his typically laconic words.


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Irving Mosquito’s defensive work has been outstanding 💯