#22 Sam Durham - thru to 2028!

Poor game today. I was frustrated at the amount of time he spent gesturing to the umpires while the ball was still alive.

Still, he’s in an ever growing group of guys who are seriously hard at it.

Hobbs, Guelfi, Durham, Redman, Menzie, Caldwell, Kelly…
Seems a long time since we’ve had so many guys willing to put their bodies on the line.


Too many Sam’s in our Team

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This is the Durham thread FYI.

Isn’t he a wingruck ? Got my Sammy’s mixed up !

Duzza the coach killer will be back to his best this week.
He already ended Dimma’s dynasty and this week he’ll end Voss’ coaching career.

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Hard at it, describes his game perfectly, he is at times manic. No blind HB turn overs this week, which l take as a good sign.

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Very funny stuff. Ollie Duncan still on the Duzza train



You’re a clever boy Ollie. :slightly_smiling_face:

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With that slam it on the boot kicking technique I say WSPHU

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For the love of God not right next to the tv though


Very cute kids :slight_smile:

Gotta love this guy on a wing with Marto. I feel like they complement each other well.

Very important roles and a case to be made we’ve got a top 3 duo in the comp


He’s gonna be a weapon as he gets older, it’s so important having wingers who can not only run and mark but reliably win contests and Duzza is the kind that will win a contest when out numbered and turn a bad situation into an opportunity. He got big finals moments in him.



Duzza the feather duster. Better hope that Lawry doesn’t see this picture.

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Think he’s due for a big one tonight.

Hopefully will also take mark of the year.


did well to play out after copping rozees shoulder to the throat/mouth

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Are we seeing Durham’s ceiling right now?

I love the way he goes about his role and I don’t think he’s poor, but stats suggest no improvement in his time at the bombers.

I get he is still young, but in the 2.5 years he has been playing, his average stats remain essentially the same.


Really, I don’t have the stats but he looks to be improving year on year. It is a bit tough to compare Richmond VFL form to the AFL

I’m seeing gradual improvements in disposals/tackles etc year on year.
Eye test also has him improving

I reckon he has another level in him