#25 Jake Stringer (Part 2)

Another such player.

Get to work Jakey.

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Needs to wax the chest hair

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is fkn laughable the condition he’s in to begin pre season. Park footballers body.


What else can you think?

Pick the contract year.

He was pretty trim at the dogs

Petracca, even degoey are fitter looking than stringer. He is unprofessional, overweight and should be put in fat camp.

Hes finished at Essendon

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You can absolutely see why Beveridge got rid of him at only 23 years old now.

I mean… He is entering his 6th year at Essendon, and he simply cannot get out of his own way. This has happened every single year.

He is 29 next year. He is what he is.


So, how fat is he ?

Can someone post a training pic so i can see what the kerfuffle is about.


He’s not fat per normal human standards, but for an AFL footballer he is out of shape.
And its a continuing trend.
Every year or after an injury he rocks up to the club with love handles and a belly.

Compare that to the players that actually take the game seriously and its a laugh.
I dont think Jake should be getting games unless he can devote himself to getting into proper shape.

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It seems we should have “SOLD HIGH” at the end of 2021.

Oh well…

Get to work Tippa and Jake

As long as he’s fit by late Feb idgaf.


Yeah, man with poor food control is suddenly going to decide to eat well over the holiday period. If anything he will balloon out more by then

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It’s all just speculation, I’m not going to worry about what might happen in 2 months but with all the player support now bought in I would be suprised if he’s not 100% ready to play by end of Feb.

He always comes in pretty good shape until the inevitable early season injury.

I know it’s not totally the clubs fault, Jake deserves criticism too but I can’t figure out why they allow him to rehab at KFC.

so because jake stringer is obviously the biggest afl player, why does he simply not eat the other afl players?


Is there a photo getting around of chonky Jake? I haven’t even seen his condition right now to comment.

Imagine Jake stringer, but with the body of an average joe blogs tradie

So he’s lost weight?