28 Games - The Rise of the Baby Bombers - Premiere Tues 4th September 9PM Fox Footy

Can’t wait for this! Still the best season of my lifetime. Perhaps we can use this as a thread to reminisce about the journey from a team in rebuild mode to lifting our 15th premiership in little over a year.


Saw an ad for this last night, looks fantastic. Can’t wait. I was too young then so didn’t really know too much about it

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are they riding the high of the podcast?

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30 weeks from losing by 160 points to winning a flag

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Have you listened to any of the podcast ‘’93 The Greatest Season that was’ ? I’ve been reminiscing about ‘93 a lot lately. Have been watching games on YouTube etc. Fantastic year for us and a great year fir the game in general. So much happened!


The second game against the eagles, I’ll never forget Peter McKenna saying “James Hird again, this kid will be a champion”

The best play on 1993 was in the prelim which led to our 4th goal in the 3rd quarter (loudest roar ever heard)

Fletcher (took kn 2 opponents in Modra and Liptak) quick handpass to Wanganeen to Olerenshaw, 4 bounces long kick to Calthorpe on the 50 who handpass to Mercuri for a goal. All baby bombers!


It was incredibly loud being at the ground as the ball sailed over the goal umpire’s head.
It brought us within 16pts after being a mile down at the half.
I think everyone at the ground knew, we’re right back in this now.

The replay confirms just how loud it was, as the sound seems to distort.
Unquestionably the loudest roar I’ve heard at a game !

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That and bewick’s two goals in the last quarter were nearly as loud. We were basically right behind his goal from the boundary line (his 5th) and it was perfect.

However, still to this, I just wonder…what if that goal umpire had have had a sense of theatre and paid a goal to Watson in the last, the one that went over the goal post. We all stood up, held our breath, and the ■■■■■■■■ (correctly) paid a point. Huge groan went out across the ground

Have a look at the Rising Star nominations from 1993. Some genuine greats of the game.

We had Hirdy, Fletch, Mercs, Joey M.

Then there were Buckley, Richo, Spider, Corey McKernan(?)and lots of others.


Came across this beauty on YouTube. My grandfather had the VHS of this…


Thanks smooth, enjoyed it immensley.

Great find!

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I love Derek kickett. And it ■■■■■ me that he was dropped for Dean ■■■■■■ Wallis.

But otherwise. Best season ever. I was a teenager and it cemented Essendon in my blood for good.

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Also had the VHS of that. Just about wore it out

And Olarenshaw.

Dave Calthorpe too!

And the forgotten man, Paul Hills

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And another forgotten man, Peter Somerville.

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I see your Peter Somerville & raise you David Grenvold


And I see your David Grenvold and raise you Sean Denham. Great and much-underrated player.

1993 was by far my favourite season. It was such a joy to see all those incredibly talented kids just loving their football. They were still learning the game, but moulding kids like that is what Kevin Sheedy was best at, and that whole year was a complete celebration.