28 Games - The Rise of the Baby Bombers - Premiere Tues 4th September 9PM Fox Footy


It was a great time, I was 10 so it really captured my imagination. I’d been hoping to come across that video somewhere. Was hoping it would’ve had a DVD release but to see the whole thing on YT was magnificent. I’m up to the mid-season game v Hawthorn out at Waverley Park.

The team was made up of 3 categories of players. The youngsters, Hird, Mercuri, Misiti, Fletcher, Olarenshaw, Wanganeen, etc, etc. The veterans from the 84-85 teams, Thompson, Salmon, Harvey, Watson. And then you had an interesting mix of players who bridged that gap between those 2 groups. Bewick, O’Donnell (he was the same age as Harvs, Fish and Bomber but was playing in the ressies in those glory years), Somerville, Grenvold, Wallis, Long, Denham, C.Daniher, etc. Some very good players missed the premiership team that played roles throughout the year. Symons, Kickett (I’m glad it seems that the animosity between himself and Sheedy has died down, at least publicly, and it was great to see him around the club at times this year because he was a star!), Alessio, Flood, A.Daniher, Ezard.

This was Kevin Sheedy at his absolute best. He inherited a very talented group of players when he took on the job that needed some toughening up and the final touches to be put onto the team, and he did that brilliantly in 84-85, but this was his rebuilding of a team that probably ran it’s course after 1991. The last hurrah of the mid-80s sides occurred between 89-91. Prelim Final 89, GF loss 90 and 91 an Elimination Final exit after an injury plagued year. 1992 the rebuild started. Watson retired at the end of 91, TD and Madden played reserves for the majority of the year. The 2s won the flag with a lot of the young boys who made the step up in 93 a part of that team, coached by Denis Pagan, who would become the North Melbourne coach in 1993. It was a stunning turnaround. Everyone is blowing their loads over Hawthorn’s “rebuild” this year, but you take a close look at that team and there’s a hell of a lot of premiership players still there, so it’s nowhere near as great an achievement as the 92-93 rebuild that Sheedy masterminded.


I was 7 in 93. Its first season i was old enough to remember.

Went to my first game in 93 with my dad (a Collingwood fan) to me to the Geeling game at the G.


Fair first game of footy…24 goals


From 2 players :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::grin:


Will be watching that one with great interest no matter where in the world l am.


Remember it fondly. Never got to watch the 84 or 85 premierships as a kid cos growing up in Cairns there was fug all footy shown on tv. By the late 80s we started getting finals games - I got to see us get our pants pulled down in the 89 prelim and then by Floggingwood in 90 so 93 was the first chance I got revel in our success.

I was 15 years old and remember mum (a scum supporter) decking the house out in Carlton colours. By the 3rd quarter she’d had enough and was outside gardening. I made sure to give her regular score updates :grin:



4:48 into this video


Growing u north of Ballarat to an immigrant father and a non footy following mum I had only ever been to 1 game before this (pies vs dogs with a mate’s family). This game was a year 12 school trip and I went nuts.
Great memory from a great season


Really good interview with Julian de Stoop who did the doco. Puts the entire season in context when talking about how bad we were in late 1992.



Farken Fark FC


We win the flag


Currently on air. Great to hear from Sheeds and the players. Fish, Timmy, Fletch, Harvs, Wanga, O’Donnell thus far the main contributors.


Greatest documentary ever made about the greatest year of footy ever. Fark I want some success again.


Friggin’ missed it.


Seeing a young Dodoro in the coaches box gave me a laugh


On again at 11:30.


No jackets being worn!


Someone record it and upload to youtube


Remember that year like it was yesterday. Craving for another flag after watching that. GO BOMBERS!!


Every current Essendon player should be made to watch it. Look at what you can achieve. ■■■■ if that doesn’t get you fired up what will? Some really interesting little stories in it, especially about Bomber Thompson. So sad that he was not in a state to be able to contribute to it, however you only need to hear what Timmy, Fish and Fletch has to say about him to know what a great skipper and person he was.