28 Games - The Rise of the Baby Bombers - Premiere Tues 4th September 9PM Fox Footy


I loved Derek aswell but he deadset deserved to be dropped


Julian De Stoop has done great job, it was excellent.

Insightful comments from Harvey, Salmon & O’Donnell in particular.

I love the Essendon FC & this documentary is yet another reason why.


What an amazing documentary…I was getting emotional! I was slightly too young to remember (I would have been 6 years old). I wish I was at that Prelim, especially for that Mercuri goal!

Sheedy at his absolute best. Shame that a few things happened after that impacted significantly (Long did his knee, Wanganeen left etc.).


I loved the documentary but one thing that grinds my gears a bit with most sports docos is that they hardly ever interview or talk about some of the lesser lights of the team. Would have loved to hear a few more of the lads have a chat



Also wished Hird and Bomber had involvement as well. Especially the way the other players spoke about Bomber and his influence back then.


David Grenvold was a criminally underrated player in that team. One of my cricket teammates was actually on the Essendon list back in 1993 so I chat to him regularly about that time. He was a ruckman/forward and never played a game for us given the strength we had in that department back then in Salmon, Somerville and Alessio in the wings as well. He said Grenvold was probably the best boxer at the club and the bloke nobody wanted to spar against.




Loved the Doco. Went to all the games in 93, was living in the country at the time. One of the best finals series I’ve seen. Even the close loss to the scum - gave us more edge.


93 was my favourite year. I turned 18 two days after the grand final but started partying till I turned 18. To have the last laugh finishing school that was full of Carlton supporters was the best way to finish off my school life. Watching that tonight made u feel those times again an I can’t ■■■■■■ wait till we lift that cup again. Love the bombers :black_circle:️:red_circle::black_circle:


Interesting what either Salmon or GOD (can’t recall which) said about Kickett @ 3/4 time vs Crows game
Apparently Sheeds was addressing the team and mentioned Kickett who was still sitting on the bench and didn’t come out for the 3/4 time huddle
Sheeds saw this & wasn’t happy
I think Salmon or GOD speculated that this may have had something to do with the GF team selection


Wanganeen said it was his worst ever mistake.


I was 27 in '93 and I missed the first final because I went to the snow with my mates (can’t believe I agreed to go away during finals!), but saw the narrow loss on TV.

I was at the other three finals though. It was farking awesome! The was my first GF win in attendance, after being at 83 and then not being able to get tickets for 84, 85 or 90 (luckily in that case).


was Timmy and the carlton qualifying final.


Long…wasn’t gonna be beat…how good was he!


For those without Foxtel…

Love Salmon’s sense of humour.

I remember what a great day that was against the Eagles.
Unseasonably warm.
Went to the NBL AllStar game before it, and had great tickets.
Got to the G at the start of the 2nd qtr.
There are some games you go to knowing you have to win, to have a chance in that season.
That was one of those games !


I watched it with my daughter (5 years old) who said, see dad, the bombers won a trophy… poor kid has only ever known saga & mediocrity.

I remember 93 like it was yesterday. Went to every game aside from the WC game at the G where Salmon kicked the goal late, I was playing junior footy that day. I remember a game against Fitzroy where we lost a player of two early and we came from behind to take a narrow win. We were just starting to gather some momentum after a slow start to the season. My dad said to me as we left the ground that it was a special win and that was a special team capable of winning a flag. Don’t know whether he meant that year but that’s how I interpreted it. We were never dead in 1993. We came back from some really desperate situations and won.

How desperately I want to see us win another flag. Hopefully it’s not far away.


The smirk on Harvey’s face when he talks about Dean Wallis ‘accidentally’ running into Mil Hanna, just amazing


I was in 4 months into gestation. I remember everything.


Was 11 at the time but remember that year so clear. So many classic matches that stick out, the Sticks drawn game, Ablett/Salmon shootout, WC game. Even remember watching the round 1 game on TV where we should have got smashed and Bewick nearly got us there with 8. Played with so much heart that year, I remember sitting at the ground at half time at the prelim and still thinking we would win in! Was crazy in the crowd when the siren went!


Remember when you were a kid, and every year you imagine that your team will win the flag, and your favourite player will win the Brownlow?

Well, in 1993 as a 12 year old, it happened for me. It was a fairytale year in every sense of the word, and I’d been telling all my family and mates at school that we had the flag in the bag after the night premiership.

My pies-supporting uncle pulled me up on this after we lost to them early on, and were struggling. I still remember him stating very clearly “I don’t know who will win the flag this year, but it won’t be the Bombers.” Man, I reminded him of that for years to come.

After the childhood-scarring 1990 loss, to have a year like that was such a relief. And to top the whole thing off… We beat a Carlton side with Greg Williams in it in a GF.

That year was probably as good as footy has got for me.