28 Games - The Rise of the Baby Bombers - Premiere Tues 4th September 9PM Fox Footy


Bingo !

Only 2 Premiership points off top spot, and goneski first week of the Finals.
Brutal system that one.


I was on holiday with young kids in northern NSW for the prelim and the granny. I remember watching the first half, during which the kids learnt some new words, not really believing that we could be playing so badly. But even at half time I still thought that we could come back if we could just get going. Which we did, and I knew from about halfway through the third that we would get there.

The day of the GF was the day we left to drive home, and we’d booked a motel about half way. I had to listen to the first half on the car radio tuned to 3LO. The reception was terrible but I do recall that just before the start Tom Hafey was asked who he thought would win, and he answered that we had only lost the 2nd semi to Carlton by a few points and we’d had half a dozen players injured that day, so he thought that with those players back we would beat them solidly. We got to the motel in time for me to see the second half. Great day.


Don’t they reckon Geelong could have won it if they made it. They were a form team in the last month.


True, but they (i.e Carey) smashed us earlier in the year. They were our only threat.

I remember waiting to go into the first final against the scum, and hearing from a passerby that North had lost.

I felt it opened right up for us then.


Pwoah look at the drop off after St Kilda


Lol Melbourne. 10th with a % of 117


We were three up late in the 3rd and coming home with the breeze…in our last game (we had a bye in the last round), and my brother mentioned that we’d had 2 off early (bench of 2) and 3 blokes immobile in the forward line.

Barnesy marked everything in the last quarter and those injured guys didn’t play for 3 weeks.

Last time we played an official game at Kardinia Park.

They whacked WC in Perth in the last round. Dogs beat the Roos (Grgic could play then), and FC beat the spooner Swans at Princes Park by a very late point after trailing all day.


Was only 7 but i remember 93 GF Day well.

Mum took my brother and I.

Got there at 8.30 for the TAC Cup between the Northen Knights and Western Jets

That was a ridiculous game too ended up being 210 to 119.

Melbourne beat north by about 7 goals in the Reserves.

Then the main event. Was just ■■■■■■■ great. Surrendered by a gaggle of mouthy ■■■■ carlton strumpets who started up at HT of the TAC Cup game. Ive never seen mum fire up as much as she did when they left after Hirdys goal in the last


1993 is very underrated in terms of a team cocking something up. North absolutely blew late in season. Carey and Horse were unstoppable


I’m pretty sure he also still managed to have more hit outs than Somerville


Someone in this thread (I think) earlier posted a 3 hour vid of extended highlights for the whole season. It was awesome. Some observations/recollections.

The whole forward line was awesome. Symonds was a hell of a player, obvious limitations notwithstanding. Interesting to see grenvold playing forward a lot and Harvey starting the year forward with cransberg. Brad plain averaged 3 goals a game but only played 7. Watson’s influence in the front half in the second half of the year was enormous.

There were a lot of left footers in this side. Watson was leathal off either foot.

Sides back then had no idea how to defend and umpires gave free kicks to forwards for even less contact/holding than they do now.

Denham was a super player in his own right.

GOD Is the A grade midfielder we’re missing now.


This was the season, and in particular, the final against Adelaide, to me successfully swaying 20 odd lifelong Queensland Rugby fans over to Essendon, even swayed some Richmond, Hawthorn and North fans. Essendon were a very easy sell back in the day, hopefully we reach those heights again soon.


That would be @smooth. You also got Bomber’s take on the season which was missing in last night’s doco.


I really enjoyed the show.

A couple of things though.

  • I know its in vogue in these types of docos to have the people interviewed and what they says take the part of the narrator, but a narrator would have been useful. If you weren’t an EFC supporter and knew the story, then I think the significance of some of the aspects may have been lost.
  • The background music was awful.
  • Out of the 'Baby Bombers" only Wanganeen and Fletcher appeared on the show. No Mercuri, Misiti, Hird, Olarenshaw or Calthorpe. Add to that, the reports that only 12 players turned up to the recent 1993 GF reunion and its seems that group of players have fallen out of with each other and/or the club.


Edit: also Paul Hills was amazing that year


I guess some people move on with their lives post footy.



Alessio also played 12 games in '93 as a 21yo.
Another young player who debuted the year before.


Great memories.

In 1993 the only Essendon grand final I had attended was 1968 as a 7yo. I missed 83, 84, 85 & 90 due to work commitments, living interstate, family events. So I was determined to make it in 1993 as I expected we’d win.

I got up at 3am Friday in Newcastle, watched Juan Antonio give Siiiiideney the Olympics, then hit the highway. Twelve or more hours later I was in Richmond. Next morning my sister & I walked across the park & joined the MCC queue about 9am. Ended up sitting top deck old Ponsford stand almost exact seat I had watched the 1968 game from. I remember early on remarking how slow Carlton was. Then Long kicked the goal.
Blues nob in front was abusing bombers non-stop, he had a melt down when Wally hit Hanna. I told him he’d be having an early night, he spent the rest of the game abusing blues players.

A great day. Sweet revenge for 1968. I don’t remember driving home.


I’m still furious about the dodgy timekeeper who blew full-time 8 seconds after Watson kicked the goal to bring us to 2 points behind in that first final.


Threads like this are what makes Blitz great.

I was born in '92, so I can’t remember the Baby Bombers, I can remember 2000 but I didn’t have an appreciation for just how special it was at the time. I distinctly remember rolling up to primary school every week, just win after win, completely expecting us to go unbeaten.

The doco is a great insight into the era and the stories here all help create a picture for those of us who weren’t around, or need a refresher.

Here’s hoping the next flag is just around the corner.