28 Games - The Rise of the Baby Bombers - Premiere Tues 4th September 9PM Fox Footy


Good watch. Like others have said, would love it to have been longer and more in depth/more players, but it was great nonetheless.

Had to laugh at the Tienanmen Square follow up. “You know what happened to that bloke?”


Pay back for the extra week in 90.


Wanganeens goal against Richmond at optus oval is to this day one of the best ive seen


I vividly remember going to several games that year and in the first week of the finals if watching us lose to FCFC wasn’t bad enough I had to endure a 12 hour bus ride home with about 70 Crows fans.
I remember at the time that the airfare was quite expensive and the Crows were running a bus over there for members for $25 I think for memory. A few of my mates were going so I tagged along. I knocked off work at 6pm on the Friday and the bus left at about 8pm, we got into Melbourne at around breakfast time.
A few of us went out to Waverley for the Norf game and left at 3/4 time to get back to the MCG in time. I then had to join my mates on the Sunday at the MCG to watch the Crows knock off Hawthorn. We left about an hour after the game and got back early Monday morning where I went straight to my work.
Thankfully I took a week off and drove over for the GF


I was the same.

The start was text book footy.

I was excited.

Then it was like sitting through your balls being put through a mincer.


Its the first time I’ve heard a couple of players mention the Mercuri goal as the loudest roar they’ve ever heard. It was so ■■■■■■■ loud, its gives me goose bumps every time i see that goal.


Same here. Remember that moment, was sitting behind the goals at that end!! Crazy watching the reply now, it’s like the speakers are going to explode


I liked this because I can still remember talking about this with a mate straight after the game.


Sorry if it has been answered later on but Paton played in 84 but not 85. O’halloran played 84 and 85 with no other game on between


Was a great year but a terrible doco.

Poorly told, no tension and without living it as a 19 year old I would have had no idea what happened and how it all unfolded.


Yep, interviewing the same players we always hear from - Watson, Salmon, Sheedy, Harvey, Fletcher. I would have loved to hear some stories from those we never hear speak such as Mercuri, Grenvold, Denham, Somerville, Hills etc. Very little footage I hadn’t already seen before. Perhaps there was 5 mins of material that was new and insightful.


Sounds like you might enjoy the 93 podcast mentioned in another thread better.


So l was right after all. Cheers for that.


Enjoyed the viewing and seeing the kids that would become superstars over the next decade for us.

Unbelievably thirsty for our next success. Harrowing seeing Pies and Hawks dip into the top 4 again before we even win a final.


One of my favourite highlights which may have been missed in the doco was Michael Long in the 93 GF. He gathers the ball at half forward and effectively stopped time, with Ian Robertson capturing the moment “take me on, take me on, take me on he says!”. Long pumps it inside 50 to C. Daniher who roves a goal! Spine tingling moment that! And a player at the absolute peak of his powers!


Daniher didn’t “rove” the goal, he bulldozed the Fark Carltoner in his way. Was glorious, just like fat little Calthorpe’s burst to authoritively shut those pieces of trash down. And Wallis outsmarting two opponents. And…

If Fletcher hadn’t been so useless it would have been even better.


That ‘Don’t argue’ was the greatest thing CD ever did.


The FC coaches meeting would have been great.

“Who do we send to Long?”
“Sure why not”


Was good listening to David Parkin on the 1993 podcast, he speaks a fair bit about the decision to put Athorn on Long and the grand final, well worth a listen


Which year? He was goalless against Richmond in ‘93 @ Princess Park