28 Games - The Rise of the Baby Bombers - Premiere Tues 4th September 9PM Fox Footy


How good does our jumper look. The sash is perfect. Replicate that.


Wasn’t a different year was it? Certainly felt like 93


It was the year after, I reckon. He played forward a bit in 94.

But he also had 5 goals kicked on him by Justin Murphy on debut that day, so it wasn’t all roses.

** I think that was the same game.


■■■■, ok wrong call by me :smiley:


Meh, 1994 was an easy year to forget.


Yeah, probably ‘94. I did some searching and found it. Scotty, is correct, it’s an unbelievable goal.


I was at a Richmond fan mate’s wedding that day. As they went off to sign the papers, he asked me the score. Level at halftime, i said. He was happy. Afterwards, he asked the final score. Dons by 15. 15 points? That’s good. No, 15 goals. Bradley Plain had a big second half.

1993 game.


I enjoyed it because of the subject matter. It’s not a great sports doco though. If I wasn’t an Essendon supporter, I wouldn’t give it a second thought.


That day (?) was also notable for a Hardwick screamer on the wing. I remember it well as it was on the boundary and I was within five metres of it!


It was a great trip down memory lane. They should have made it a 2 hour doco and go into a bit more depth around the start of the year/turnaround.


but it could have been as good as a ESPN 30 for 30.

Kids with no games under their belt come back from being 1-4. Wow what a storyline.


The one on the Pies / Saints gf was a better film.


Yeah I’ve definitely overrated it in my mind because of my affinity and memories.

I felt like I did the same for the Class of 92 doco about Manchester United but I’ve been assured by others that that’s not the case.


Jesus you could do heaps with footy

  • The 84 GF
  • The Colliwobbles
  • Bulldogs 2016
  • West Coke Eagles in the 90s
  • Tony Lockett
  • Sheedy’s career
  • Carlton’s descent into total irrelevancy (salary cap stuff)

-edit- Forgot the most obvious one. Nicky Winmar and “that” photo


Great concept Simmo


fkn lol at all of them

On a related note, I would watch all of these in a single sitting if they ever got made


To me they missed an obvious one I have a done a bit of work on myself, AFL 1996, particularly the mergers


Oh man that would be brilliant if done properly (ie: not produced by Fox/7/AFL themselves)


You need the guy who did the ‘Final Story’ series, Peter Dickson?