#3 Darcy Parish - signed to 2027

This combination will dominate the league

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For a year or two until Goldy retires

100%, he wasn’t as bad as some are making out but he wasn’t his usual prodigious self either. He just makes us look so much better when he plays.

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His tackling stood out to me, he brought lots of pressure to bear.

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Parish had team high tackles (8) and team high pressure acts (29)

Whilst he was a bit rusty touch/disposal wise certainly put in the effort defensively


Parish did enough in his return game, just happy he got through unscaved injury wise. Will be better for the run.

Body lined a ball in front of where I was sitting, forced a contest where the Saints player thought he’d get there 1st and get away, was good to see his determination to make sure he contested.

He’s going to be a better player this season because we have Setterfield, Durham and Perkins around the ball, balance is better.


Agree completely.

No one in the team I’d trust as much to secure that vital contested ground ball and execute an advantageous disposal.

I thought he was pretty good on the weekend. Wasn’t afforded much space and managed to contribute nonetheless.

Will win the Brownlow because of socks up.

Imagine if we win a final this year. Goldy will be one of the most successful Essendon players of this century.

God we’ve been ■■■■

Sounds like a racehorse who got beat.

All these posts about Darcy Parish, are you referring to RISH?


Feel like pure ■■■■ just want Rish and Rath pod back


Typical Rish 30 possie game.


He looks slow of foot, hand and mind.




Always has…this is not new.

Offers very little to the side, he doesn’t chase or defend he kicks poorly and goes backwards far too often

Rozzee gave him an absolute footballing lesson in the first half.

Worst game since he joined Essendon

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