3 grannies

They’re really desperate to stay in the news


I swear I was in incognito mode.


Bring on AFLX!

Fk three grand finals, fk Caro and f**k Carlton.


Not happening. Not now not ever.

Just another ploy by the AFL to keep themselves in the news 52 weeks of the year.

Move on - don’t give it oxygen


I reckon they should split into 2 Groups of 4 (1,3,5,7 & 2,4,6,8) for a round robin playoff World Cup style, … then do it again for the Top 2 from each in the Group Stage, … and THEN have a 3 game play off series for the Flag, NBA style.

Seems only fair really.

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Won’t happen.

Firstly, no chance the AFL will pay to book out the MCG for a third final that is a fair chance of not being needed. The MCC would charge an arm and a leg, if the ground is sitting idle they’re losing cash.

If the AFL extends the season by two weeks, they can gets more bums on seats by extending the regular season. And by doing that they’d make the draw fairer as well, not that they give a ■■■■ about that.

Wilson, eh?

Fark off.

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“Legendary” player Jimmy Bartel, eh?

Fark off.

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And for the corporates, do they want tickets to game 1, 2 or 3? Will cost a fair bit to get all 3

I mean, I guess…

Are they hot grannies at least?


Don’t get your hopes up, it doesn’t mean at the same time.


More Grannies just gives Collingwood extra chances to avoid the wobbles…

Because wasn’t that second Collingwood v St Kilda GF scintillating. Zero atmosphere, energy or appeal outside fan base. One game to decide. I HATE whoever even dreamed this into the media nightmare swamp.

I personally think it should be a 7 game series.

A classic example of fixing something that isn’t broken.


This made me laugh way way way more than it should have


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