3 grannies


3 grannies, 1 cup.





I just wanted to see where the title would lead the conversation.


I could handle one granny with ease. I couldn’t handle three


It isn’t basketball, baseball, etc. You reckon the NFL would ever have a best-of-3 Superbowl? Footy is a tough, physically demanding sport. Players often have to be on pain killers to get through the game. Imagine having to do that 3 weeks straight? It’s just dumb, and it’s no surprise that people from South Australia and Western Australia are behind this. Bunch of sooks…


3 x Devonshire teas
Oh baby


Too much Talcum powder for one person to handle.


Off season Blitz >>>>>>>> Football season Blitz


Hey now, what sort of negative attitude is that WOB?

Think positive.


would you buy memberships for all three?


Why don’t we get every club to play 23 rounds to determine 2 GF teams…wait


3 grannies? imagine hearing 3 hips break!!


I have no idea how anyone could be against this.

3 weekends in a row of having a BBQ and getting on the ■■■■.

Where do I sign up.


Not to mention 3 GF parades and 3 long weekends in a row.


3 grannies walk into a bar…

That’s all i got but i’m sure someone can think of something.


What if they’re the Hell’s Grannies from Monty Python?


Dangerfield wouldn’t be happy


300 games, 3 Premierships, Norm Smith, multiple All-Australian. Seems fair to me

How many players can boast a record like that?


And the 4th one ducked it & said “Are you old bats fkn Blind??”


Ahhh fk, … I was gonna seek out a gif, but you beat me to it.