#32 Travis Colyer


He’s been woeful all bar a few games a couple of years ago. It’s amazing what an LTI does for a player’s reputation on Blitz. Sorry, but anyone that thinks a guy who struggles to get his hands on the pill and butchers it when he does will turn our season around is living in a fantasy land.


6foot = 183cm, so it doesn’t really matter if you believe the club they’re 180cm or not, they’re still under 6 foot.
Bags and Zaka are also under 6 foot.


thats a bit harsh. his 2014 and 2015 seasons were quite good, very good actually. banned in 2016 and his disposal regressed in 2017.

if he can get back to his form from 2014/2015 there is certainly a spot for him. its another question entirely whether he ever will though.

and i dont think anybody is suggesting that colyer will turn our season around…


I don’t care about the season. I just want at least one game of Super Speed Team.


It’ll be interesting to see whether he has retained his speed and his speed/endurance combo. He has had a lot of injuries which could have an effect. He has seemingly bulked up a bit too.
And he’ll have never been surrounded by so many other fast players before which could make him look a tad slower by comparison


Judging by the footage of the VFL game I saw you don’t have to worry about whether he has retained his speed. As for the excellent endurance that he combined with it well I guess time will tell.



Actually, he’s been good bar a few games last year. It’s amazing what the suspension has done to players reputations on Blitz. He never struggled to win or collect the ball up until last year and his kicking had been fine up until that point, after a shaky start to his career.


He was easily one of our best in that Sydney final

He can play. His run, and more so burst of speed, has sorely been missed this year imo


When he plays as a forward, his ability to use his speed to generate space and provide a hit up option is something that not a lot in out team have consistently given this season


I didn’t think his VFL game warranted a call-up just yet.

But he showed enough to give hope that he might be able to return to his best.


I was at the VFL game on the weekend, and based on that I would say in a perfect world he should have a few more weeks building fitness, but I wouldn’t be fussed with him in the team. He has sufficient fitness, seemed pretty clean and boy is that speed a weapon.


Was that his first game back? If so he needs a couple more in the magoos.


No, he’s played a few now (not sure how many).


That’s his 2nd game.

Crowe said was played at 60% gametime in first, 80% on weekend and they will run him at full game volume or more over the bye round so he’d be cherry ripe for WC fitness wise.

Hopefully his touch/kicking is back also.


He defends with real pace and aggression. Need that. Lots of it.


I think Green’s game did!!


On the burst over 10m or so, I reckon he has Saad/Fanta speed.


It went missing for the whole of 2017.


I would pay medium money to see Travis ‘Manic’ Colyer vs Adam ‘Lebo Sonic’ Saad in a 100m dash.