Former #32 Travis Colyer


same. Wouldn’t be considering bringing him him back until the Norf game on the 1st July at the very earliest. The gives him a few more weeks to work on match fitness and come into the side with real form and confidence.

A fit and firing Colyer brings a lot to the team.

A team of Colyer, Raz, Tippa, Connor and Saad breaking the lines…


He looked good on the weekend fitness wise, but I can’t remember how active or not he was in the last. I wouldn’t be against him coming in for Baguley. Same pressure, more offensive weapons.


Bags >>>> Green


Watched the VFL replay and thought I hit the fast forward button, hasn’t lost his speed at all.


2015 Trav was my favourite Trav


I saw the post before I saw the user that posted it and laughed thinking it was a joke at Donnington’s expense and then saw it was just Donnington.


Second goal in the clip


2015 Trav was literally winning games off his own boot. I know plenty has happened since, but it’s not that long ago, would be amazing to get that version back


Would make a massive difference if could get to 80% of 2015


I have no doubt he can get back to his best.

He just add that extra pace to the mid and forward structure and would allow Raz and Tippa and Himself to rotate through the middle more not leaving the forward line exposed for pace and pressure.

He is more a mid than Raz and Tippa.




Don’t think Trav has ever really been a successful small forward in the mould of Tippa/Raz/Green. His best has always been as a pacy winger.


I reckon he looked one of the players most affected by the Saga once they returned.

Hopefully now time has past and with a clear run he can return to that form.

The way the game is now played players with pace, pressure, run and carry are really in vogue and he could be a major boost in the back end of this season.


He’d never really played permanent wing before IMO (more HFF/pushing up to wing), but with our settled 3 amigos in TIPPA/Raz/Green fwd he had a huge workload running wise in the year back.

All the returning players really struggled with the running demands and backing up week after week. Fatigue = drop in skills

As we saw with Trav he seemed to have less and less impact as the year went on and couldn’t hit targets. But stayed in team as we literally had no one pressing up with pace as an outside mid/winger type besides Jerrett.

We have a lot more players who can spread the load this year with rotations so hopefully can see him return to his destructive best.


I think he has been pretty unlucky. All the mids that came back off the ban struggled and then he got injured. There is no reason why he can’t meet the form of 15 again. I’m hopeful. If and it’s a big if we can get all our mids in form Heppel, Zac, Zaharakis, Smith, Stringer, Langford, Colyer it isn’t the achilis heel it’s been.


Don’t forget Fantasia anf Zerrett who both missed some pre-season


Trav and Dev.

Can’t wait to see this.


Tippa (171), Smith (176), McGrath(178), Saad(178), Green(178), Raz(178)and Colyer(175), all in the one team, would be a possibility.
I find it hard to believe that Zac Merrett and Parish are both 180cm, as shown in the club’s player profiles, as well.
Potentially 9 players under 6ft in the one team would be some sort of record.


I say bring this man IN NOW


I’ll second that.