#36 Jayden Davey

Welcome Jayden. Get well soon from your knee injury.

It’s going to be great seeing two brothers, twins no less, running around in the jumper.


Davey number 2!

Let’s hope that ACL recovery goes nice and quick and smoothly. He’ll be a little excitement machine when up and running.


If he retains the speed he had before the ACL’s then he will be a menace at the next level, a trademark of his was his explosive pace and agility and clean hands. Could be seen as huge value once it’s all said and done.


Welcome aboard, best of luck with the recovery and hopefully you have a long successful career in the red and black.


Well done Jayden! Run them off their feet and kick loads of goals. Welcome to the Bombers.

I look forward to seeing our next mosquito fleet in action. Go Jayden, go Alwyn, go Tippa, go Tex, and go Mr. Munkara. Woohoo!

Has benfti recovered from the shock yet?




Munkara is no mosquito, he’s a dragonfly


Who needs the King brothers, we now have the Davey twin towers!

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Buzz, buzz, buzz.

Which is the older one?

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Waiting for people to whinge about this one too.

The Bombers are equally as excited to welcome Jayden, who has suffered multiple knee injuries but has as much talent as his highly-rated twin brother.

Dodoro even thinks Alwyn could feature at AFL level as soon as next season.

“Alwyn’s already played VFL football for us before this year, and he acquitted himself quite well, so we think he can make the step up.

“Jayden probably won’t play next year, so we’ll rehab him the entire year… the plan is to put him on the long-term injury list as soon as possible and get him right.”

So we’re planning on putting him on just getting his rehab right next year and not playing him, freeing up another list spot.


Something about the bombers and twin towers doesn’t sit well with me. Can’t quite put my finger on it tho


Oh wow. So we’ll actually have 2 free list spots then. The mid season draft has been kind to us, it’d be good to have one free for that.

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I thought he did the acl before this season started. If he is out the entire of next season too then that is a long time without games


When you’ve done your ACL twice before the age of 18 I reckon it’s a smart move to be ultra conservative this time around while having the benefit of being in an AFL environment this time around.

I hear what you’re saying though, when he is back up and running it will take a bit of time to come up to speed and make up for lost development.

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Great to see the first twins to play at Essendon since Philips and Francis


Who is saying that?