#36 Michael Hartley


Not just him half the team????


Ambrose coming in for him is the most obvious change of the year. He's in bad form, honestly looks a shadow of the player he was last year


He may get a reprieve considering our next game is against GWS with a tall forward line of Patton & Cameron but I agree, he's out of form big time. Clearly he's down on confidence, I just don't think he's backing himself in & is too conscious of his opponent. Last year he was ultra competitive in the contest and trusted himself, maybe with the returning players & being dropped early in the year he feels pressure to hold his spot before he even runs onto the field. He just needs to back himself in IMO, start off with his opponent but just attack the ball when it comes his way.


His worst contests the last few weeks of have been when he focuses on his man as you say. Needs to focus on the ball a bit more and back himself in to punch it with his reach.


I am a fan but have noticed something which he isn't doing well. I think he needs to put some more body on the forwards earlier and then focus on the ball as it comes in. This body contact should alleviate easy marks being taken against him.


Seems to be playing a step behind his man almost all the time at the moment, i didnt notice this as being a trait last year so im not sure whats changed but you cant give good forwards that advantage


Hartley plays from behind and prefers to come over the top of his opponent with his reach. He is a big athlete with a big turning circle, noticed this last year but more so this year.

This tactic works if our midfield are putting pressure on the ball carrier, otherwise he looks out of position, especially when his opponent leads back to the goal square and protects the drop zone to out mark him.


I know he has always played from behind but last year he was always (usualy) right on their hammer not 2-3 steps back


I think it's actually the reverse. He's trying to get the body contact, so much so he takes eyes off the ball and gets outmanoeuvred, or gives away a free kick.

That said Riewoldt outfoxed him a few times and was completely away from Hartley. But again, I'd contest that if Hartley focused on the ball and came across to spoil that would have negated a lot of that anyway.


Surely he is not to blame for last night. He has been struggling, but last night wasn't his worst performance. I think he should hold his spot before Dea.
Dea was taken apart by Caddy last night, and Caddy was taking uncontested marks.
Ambrose obviously comes back in, but I think its line ball between Dea and Hartley.
The backline were under enormous pressure the whole game, He and Dea struggled, but cant really make them the fall guy for the result


Not long ago I would've agreed, but Dea was pretty good I thought for most of the game v the Tigers, and terrific for both of the 2 weeks before.
Hartley has been pretty soundly beaten almost every week. Playing without confidence.

As you say though, I'd be loath to lay much blame on the back 6.


when Hartley gets it wrong it looks shocking. Didn't have a good game although for the amount of ball heading into their forward line, I didn't think Reiwoldt had any great impact.


Had 4? Set shots straight in front


we would have won comfortably if Hartley was one of the WOG. He was OK, has had better but singling him out to be dropped on yesterday's performance makes no sense to me.


Hartley, Ambrose, Hurley is the answer, enough body size to block out drop zones / get the punch.


Especially as every man & his dog was saying last week that Jack was not a good match up for him.


There were a few fighting for the WOG title not just HARTLEY. I could go on but I won't.


Will be interesting to see if it is Hartley or Dea who make way for Ambrose - Despite Hartley's struggles, Dea has also struggled - The last 4 weeks have shown that Brown is a better option than Dea or Hartley as the third tall.


The fact that Dea is not a tall might come into that somewhere.


Absolutely - Still expected Dea to do better on Caddy who was a good match up.