#36 Michael Hartley


I was pointing out that he broke even on the day and if not for a few turnovers in our backhalf, he may have won the day.

i think you could play him, Ambrose and Hurley but only when faced with a strong three pronged attack. I wouldn't do it every game.


We already play 7 defenders. You forgot McGrath. If/when Ambrose comes in someone will need to be dropped.


the problem is the misguided nothing that goals =played better than your opponent, and that another player who's been out for 4 odd weeks plus only really started to vaguely develop as a decent key back this year, should be rushed back in at the expense of this guy.

then you add in AB's stats that show as a whole he outplayed kennedy, yet still want to crucify him and drop him.

as others have said, kennedy is a multi winning coleman medalist. they don't kick the ball to him once or twice a game, he's their main go to guy, and considering there were only 3 goal kickers for WC.

instead of laying into Hartley's performance as some have, maybe just sit back and enjoy the fact the backline and team as a whole is working pretty well at present to restrict scoring in general.


Wait... Did you just... Did you just basically say that people should stop nitpicking and enjoy the good footy?

Holy hell that's funny.


Why do you hate Hartley so much?


in a game where only 8 goals were kicked by he opposition, and 3 goal scorers, um sure ??

I do stand up for the defenders generally speaking, I remember the good old days when people would get stuck into hooker for having buddy kick 5 on him, neglecting the fact he used to regularly kick 8 goals plus on us.

ps see contrary to what people think and constantly say, i can recognise and appreciate football when it's played the way i think is the right way.
Now i just need the usual suspects to come in and say i don't deserve to enjoy it, cos i don't tongue the ■■■■ and balls of everyone at the club as much as them.


8 players x 75% game time = 6 x 100%


He needs to keep every forward goalless in every game in my horrible opinion.


I watched the first half of the game last night and I must say what you see on TV and what you see at the game seem to be 2 different things.
The times Kennedy beat him was either a turnover which caught him offside or running back into space (forward 50) from the wing, didn't think he did much wrong just unlucky at times.


A) standard game time is on average about 83%
B) defenders average higher TOG stats.

Not too many sides play more than 7 defenders. Especially when if those seven only one can go into the midfield.


Has a spot in the team, I like the idea of Ambrose and Hartley taking the oppositions best two talls and leaving Hurley to be that third man up and provide attack from the back. With teams that play 3 genuine talls like the crows then he is a very required player, you cant have someone like Dea or Gleeson lining up on Jenkins or andy otten. Obviously he'd want to perform with Brown competing with him, but I think he's better suited to be our FB than Brown.


I think at the moment he is second guessing himself. His first instinct is always to punch but he's been told he needs to be more attacking so he is engaging body on body and attempting to mark more. I reckon he'll find a balance in the next few games.


He's been told to tighten up, to try and mark the ball more when the situation allows, and to use his long kicking more. He'll get there.


Yes please, his field kicking is penetrating and accurate.


Looks so disinterested.
can't wait till Ambrose is back


He lets rieworld get 10 metres on him then blames his teammates who don't cover him.


Got caught ball watching several times. Real poor game from him tonight


too laconic.


Yep, really struggled tonight.

Ambrose will hopefully come in for him this week


What's happened to this guy?