#36 Michael Hartley


I'd say so. Unless Buddy moves up the field.


Best game Ive seen from him last night. He was great.


Excellent last night and really building some form including the week before. Very important player for us now and in a broader list build sense. Good on him.


Thought he played Franklin well, defensively very good. Really good game from a 23yo KP player - perfect age class for the next serious assault too.


Did something that three All Australian defenders (Fletch, Hurley and Hooker) plus two decent players (Carlisle and Ryder) failed to ever do.

He kept Buddy to zero goals. First Essendon key defender to ever do it.

Has had a massive couple of weeks, and has been a very welcome return to form.


Franklin - 0 goals (23 Jun 2017)


Funnily enough if Franklin kicked that goal with 30 secs to go we could have come away with a draw.


Needs to get rid of the loopy hospital handball out of his arsenal and look to just clear the ball in certain situations.

Other than that, he towelled up Buddy.


Franklin still had 6 shots on goal.

As someone who didn't watch the game how did Hartley play him?

If Franklin kicked 3.3 for example would we still be singing his praises

(Not having a dig at Harts...im overseas for the h&a season so won't be watching any games afaik)


To an extent, yes. It would still have been a great effort by our recent history with Buddy.

Most of his shots were from a long way out, and Harts murdered him in just about every one on one marking contest.

It was weird for Buddy to not be nailing everything against us, though.


Hurls was on him for a couple of his shots if Im not mistaken


Harts got clearly beaten in one contest I think, 1 shot was unstoppable, 3 of Buddy's shots were hero shots from sheepdog handball receives from65m out, nothing his defender could do.


Played him really well. The one thing he has to watch is try and avoid grabbing the jumper. The umps see it and pay a free every time. One of Buddy's early shots from a free for doing this. He has done it a couple of times. I'm really nit picking because he was great otherwise.


Yup, really good game on Buddy. In the context of Buddy vs us, amazing game.


I think there was nothing more that harts could've done.

would've been nice to see a teammate or two be the 3rd person in like every other team does to joe all the time.


I thought Hartley played really well. Still thought Franklin was the best tall forward on the ground.


He's our Zac Dawson (without the punchable head) for better or worse. Has handy timing with a spoil, scrags a bit when out of position, gets a pitiful amount of possessions.

If Brown plays well today he may replace him.


Held him to 0 goals. I don't care if he missed shots, you'd take that as a massive win from Harts. Most of his shots were cheap 50m+ pings anyway.


He just held franklin to zero fkn goals and your talking about Mitch brown who has the body strength of Gleeson replacing him? Insanity


B-b-b-but he can get 11 uncontested marks down back? That's better than keeping Franklin goalless right? right?!?