#36 Michael Hartley


Franklin kicked 0.6, he did good but not THAT good.


I agree. But consider who Franklin is.


About 4 of them were from outside 50 near the boundary line. Reckon he missed one, maybe 2 easy ones.


Browns opponent in the vfl has gotten at least 3 shots at goal


It was a good game, not saying it's not. But in modern football, rebound counts, and as a result Hartley's position is always going to have a ? Mark.


Better players than Hartley have never kept Franklin goalless. I know he had 6 shots on goal but still, it's telling where the shots were taken from.

He is in decent form and I'm rapt with him.

One thing from last night, when BJ played on and got smothered, why can't take Harts take the kick? Clearly we want to get the ball as far away as possible hence the play on, but with Hartley's ability to roost it, he wouldn't have needed to kick to himself. And frankly Hartley doesn't offer a marking option and in fact Beej is much better in the air. I just think we are far too predictable at kick outs and so Hartley might provide a different option?

I'm sure the counter argument is that he was there to punch the ball out of bounds if necessary , but I reckon it's worth a try


You're taking the ■■■■ surely.

Until last night Buddy had played against us 13 times. 10 with the Hawks and 3 with the Swans. In that time, he kicked 64 goals and 27 behinds, an average of 4.9 goals a game.

Last night was a massive win for Harts, if you fail to recognise that, you know nothing about footy.


Don't mess with Darli, you will never win.


Makes it even harder when she's right


Harts had a good game. Buddy was pretty ineffectual for most of the game.

But make no mistake, Buddy was very important for them in that last 5 minutes. He took a couple of marks and sets up a a few plays that ended up with them scoring.


Yeah, she'll tell you to watch afl360 on a thursday night.


Did you watch the game? How many of those shots were cheap handballs from someone elses work for a ping outside 50. At least 3 if I remember. He was beaten.


He also took a pretty handy mark in the final minute, had 17 possessions in what was a VERY tough night for key forwards.

Hartley played a good game, but he has substantial limitations as a player that he will need to work on if he wants to make it as more than a back up.


Joe Daniher took a pretty handy mark near the end and had 16 possessions. Who was on him? Must be a very limited player.


So prior to Friday Franklin averaged exactly 7 shots on goal a game against us, and Hartley kept him to 6 .......


Reduced to trolling now I see.


Huh? I've already said I thought Hartley played well. But Franklin is one of the best KP players in the league, and downplaying his influence is ridiculous. He wa the most influential KP forward on the ground, and we were damn lucky he missed so many (and of course they should say the same for Raz and Green). I think Hartley played well to keep him to that.

But let's not ignore reality when rating players.


Buddy missed so many because he was in that 50/50 zone / kudos to Hartley for forcing him out there.


Currently, Hartley is the most underrated key defender in the comp. Does a top job on his man most weeks.


Hipwood got a hold of him last time.