#36 Michael Hartley


He is barely AFL standard, barely


Week in week out he gives away holding the man free kicks! Has anyone explained the rules to him?


The only thing he has going for him is his age and even that will go soon enough.

Will be a player who continues to receive games based on "potential" and the odd sign every 8-10 weeks ala Melksham.


I know he was bad today. But I still see a player there. If he gets the shirt holding and going to ground out of his game I think he can become a very good key position defender. Let's remember that he did keep Buddy goalless only last week. Hipwood certainly has his measure - two of his four goals were scored from one on ones with Hurley.


Kept Patton, Dixon and Buddy goal less in consecutive games so there is something there to work with. He is just a dumb footballer at times and still learning the game


Well he might have been flogged in every 1 on 1, but least he gave us plenty on the rebound


He did?

Last year he was very serviceable and I had hopes. Now I have grave doubts. You can literally see the air go out of his balloon after the first free kick each week.



Gave away that horrible free early and then did ok I thought until the final 5-10 minutes where he was horrid. Simple dropped chest mark in the last was horrendous


Twas sarcasm. Last week I was flamed for suggesting a full back should get a kick or two.

Like you say, he was a warrior last year, but if you can't get involved in the play in modern football you are a liability


Oh god, I forgot about that dropped chest mark. Ugh.


Yeah but the spoils mate, the 1%ers! You can't expect your FB to be able to mark the ball. That's just pointless stat padding.


Hipwood is not his sort of player, he can handle the Gorillas okay, but, looking to the future, Ridley would actually be interesting on him, although an athletic 200cm plus player is going to give most defenders problems. Ambrose might give him more to think about, but Mason Fletcher may be the long term answer.


Yeah, i mean I know you're only as good as your last game, but he has a few runs on the board in the last month.

He was terrible yesterday, and even though Mitch Brown looked ok in the VFL (and realistically is a better match up for Moore), I'd still back Hartley in to make up for that game.

And, 2 of Hipwood's goals were directly on Hurley, yeah?


They were. Not sure where Hartley was at the time.


Brown also injured badly in the VFL though wasn't he?


Appears to have redone the same ankle. Scans today.


Oh yeah, I totally forgot that. Poor guy.

Well, Hartley stays then.


There was a passage of play at half forward, Hartley was on Hipwood, contest, ball goes back to middle, back in to Lions F50, Hipwood marks 20 out and Hurley was on him. Eh!!?? Quick interchange? I couldn't spot him anywhere else on the ground and he's never benched. He just disappeared.


Looks like we are running short of KPBs.

Brown, Ridley and Francis appear to be the next best options.