#36 Michael Hartley


Franklin actually kicked 4 behinds as 2 were rushed. Can say Hartley's handballing needs more work.

Can say Franklin was due to kick inaccurately against Essendon.


Yep... Hartley was useless that day. Deserved to be dropped.

I am expecting him to monster the young kid this weekend. If not, I'll be quite disappointed.




Be like Elsa, Barnzie, Let it Go, Let it Go.


5 effective disposals for L Franklin, 0 goals and 0 goal assists

I'd suggest about 13 of them were cheap touches up on the wing cos he was not getting any joy in the 50.


7 touches, 5 marks, 2.2.

Not sure he 'got hold of him.' He did beat him one-out a few times, no doubt.


Shhhh... doesn't fit Blitz narrative


Ok... maybe, Hartley embarrassed himself and looked like a weekend ammos footballer who didn't really give a toss and was just there for the beers afterwards. Hipwood benefited from that complete lack of pressure on a number of occasions.

Harts would be hellbent on making up for that game I reckon. Hipwood likely to leave the field a bit sore imo.


On 7 occasions apparently



Throwin' it back to my favourite of moments :ring: :relieved: #prepareforringspam #futuremrshartley #isthrowbackmondayathing ?

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Throwin' it back to my favourite of moments :ring::relieved: #prepareforringspam #futuremrshartley #isthrowbackmondayathing?

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Hipwood is going to embarrass a lot of players in the future, but I thought Hartley did well on him. It can be a tough life being a defender when the defence actually delivers it well, or you're on one of the biggest talents in the league. Hipwood is tall, has a good jump, and if he clicks and they deliver well I don't think any defender is going to do too well against him. The only ones with a chance might be a Rance who would just go where the ball is going, and outbody the youngster as they both jump.




You're not here are you Kermit?
He's doing fine,




The kid has some talent but somehow he was outbodied by a guy half his size. Just incredible


fell over and gave swans a goal last game 4th qtr

did the same again, just falls over in the contest, player walks away to have a ping from 50 out.




Hopefully Ambrose will be back soon. No future for this bloke against a big bodied player. Expected him to step up this year after a promising first season but all we have seen is a massive deterioration.


How many obvious frees does this guy give away? Hipwood running towards goal, so he decides to grab his jumper and hold on for 5 seconds.


Was a very poor game!