#36 Michael Hartley


This bloke will end up costing us a final this year.


No he won’t, he won’t play. Jesus he was WOG today


Should go back to just punching the ball whenever it’s in his area, because he can’t mark unless he is 10m in the clear


What has happened to this bloke, thought he was excellent through the middle of the season but the last 3-4 weeks he has gone backwards rapidly


Like Hartley. Has done some very good things. But he was terrible today. If they need to drop someone to make way for Hurley, it’ll be him.


He’s taking his eyes off the ball in flight far far too often


I got 36 on my jumper over the pre-season. I saw a hell of a lot of potential and thought that last season was a great stepping stone for a KPD and this season should have been another step forward. But he’s been pretty smelly. I still do see a lot of potential; his long kicks are beautiful and he’s a great spoiler. It’s like we’ve recognised that and want to work on getting the footy to him more, which means he has to play off his man more, which means no spoiling and he’s getting burned playing on the gorillas.

I’m holding out hope. He’s got another season left so fingers crossed.


He is entering serious potato territory at a rapid rate.


You guys want to know the big quandary here.

Charlie Dixon only kicked a point on him last time we played port.


And buddy 0 goals


Actually had a purple patch of 3 games in a row where he held Patton, Dixon and Buddy to zero goals


He’s gone from one of our best one-on-one spoilers to one of our worst.

I’m not sure what happened to him…

Woosha tried to turn him into an attacking defender but seems to have turned him into a potato.


You might be onto something here, and a pure lock down defender he was good, middle part of the year he was excellent

Though he is number 1 in the afl for spoils. But I genuinely think that he has been off since Patty got back, I geniunly thinks he has no confidence in his spot in the team and is playing like someone who is worried about ■■■■■■■ up and losing his spot in the team. Too much on his mind so to speak.

Sheedy would have been great with Harts, don’t care if you don’t get a kick as long as your man doesn’t either.

With all that being said his field kicking is great and Tabiner only kicked 2.


I find this language interesting: “This bloke will end up costing us”…as though he is almost playing against us…must be a double agent.


Hmmm… Buddy to zero goals.


Has missed having Hurley in the backline with him…

Get’s to play more his own role, & with a lot more confidence when he’s got him alongside .


Such a frustrating player to watch. Needs to put bidy pressure on his opponent when the ball is coming in. Cant just rely on your leap and fist and spoil everytine as the good players will protect there space before they mark.


To be fair to Buddy didn’t he kick like 0.6? Could’ve easily kicked a couple. But since Harts is the only EFC defender to ever hold Franklin goalless I’m not complaining.


Harts took the best tall forward so his main job was to spoil Taberner and didnt do a great job, but was just OK overall… Ambo was on a really poor player, Kersten, and had the luxury to able to run off him, hold him to no goals and 8 disposals. Ambo had equal high intercepts and equal high intercept marks for us, along with Marty. BJ was of course the playmaker/general down back in the abence of Hurls.
But the problem was the Freo ruckman drifting forward and kicking 2 goals. When he did, we seemed to have one less tall defender than we needed.