#36 Michael Hartley


Hartley did a reasonable job on Buddy last time, but let’s not overplay the “he kept him goalless bulldust”

Franklin’s last 5mins in that game were as influential a 5min spell as any player I’ve ever seen in terms of changing a result.
He was in absolutely everything.

Pls don’t play Hartley on Buddy in a Final !


Unlikely they would. Ambrose is a much better match up for a roaming Buddy.


looks so deflated every time he gets beaten in a contest. like someone has just kicked his cat, i dunno.


I’ve told him if he wants me to stop kicking has cat, he just has to stop losing marking contests.


If Ambrose could kick like Hartley, we would be covered.


If hartley could kick like 2016 hartley.

He gets so lazy on his kicks that they miss quite often.


Still, not sure anyone can be comfortable when Ambrose has the ball. If there isnt a small dinky sideways kick available then he is stuffed.


Noticed a big improvement. Ambrose did not drop one mark on Sunday, But as regards his kicking performance, Ambrose had over 300 metres gained , Hartley, less than 80. Ambrose 2 inside 50s, Hartley nil.
However it has to be said, the Fremantle game was one of Ambroses better games and one of Hartley worst.


It’s all in his head, the second half of last year he was one of our most consistent players and was taking scalps in the backline week after week and was fast becoming a cult hero

Now with the pressure doesn’t even seem half the player he was who took it on the snozz came back and put himself on the line over and over and over again


Ambo is just back to hitting his straps, and pre injury form.

Couldn’t have come at a better time for us.

I felt very comfortable with the ball in his hands pre injury, & did again yesterday.


I don’t know what the hell he is worried about.

He is a clear, plain as day, obvious choice for the full back position every week if he is even in the slightest bit of form.


Hurley plays better with Hartley in the team. Hartley plays better with Hurley in the team.


Edit watched it again, Ignore


Interesting that on his podcast, Rohan Connolly went out of his way to complement Harts.


Strange cat is Hartley. Needs to get fair dinkum




What’s wrong with Hartley?


Strikes me as a bit of a headcase. Could be a lovely bloke but looks so fragile. Millennials…


Watched the replay last night and he was nowhere near as smelly as a I remember. I think (because I’m going blind) a couple of what I thought were his blunders were actually BJ and Myers. I always get him confused with Myers. I think it’s the shoulder straps.

Didn’t have much of an impact but neither did his opponent. And plus he killed a guy so that’s a tick.


Funny you say that. commentators do the same, and also between Lav and Stewart.