#37 Nic Martin - all of the extension, pls

Interesting philosophical argument.

I disagree as well.

In my mind early actions result in changing behaviours throughout the game depending on who is in front or behind on the scoreboard pressure. There is time to rectify/change/adjust to those actions.

Late actions, say with 7 seconds to go HOW GOOD!!!, leave very little time to be mitigated, and so ■■■■ you Richmond.


To be fair, I really just wanted to write the last line.


I generally agree. Although Collingwood seems to have become very good at winning the close ones. Last year I thought it was lucky, but that sort of luck doesn’t happen 2 years in a row. A premiership team will win more games from behind through belief, and Collingwood also have that right now, but games won within a goal are usually completely random as far as wins and losses go.

I can’t remember the last time I saw a game where I thought “we’ve got this in the bag.” If there’s a way to sn atch defeat from the jaws of victory, we will almost certainly take it.


A fair bit of team psychology at play there, I reckon, along with physical fitness and self-belief. Which would come from experience.

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Who gives a ■■■■?

Yes, actions breed more actions. Yes we were also lucky he missed that shot. Who cares though; in this dimension we win - enjoy it.

I got 43 LIKEs by screenshotting it :white_check_mark:

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Martin seemed to have the defensive wing role in the Dreamtime game.
Not only did he seem to be everywhere but he featured heavily sweeping through the half backline and delivering the ball beautifully out of the danger zones.

Brad seems to like mixing up the roles a bit (à la Geelong)
Perhaps making planning against individual players more difficult


I can’t wait for the;

“…well I guess after 18 months of being on an AFL list and producing very high level games in a senior role we can clearly see now (after one slightly substandard game) why he was a mid season pick from the meagre pickings WAFL which has always been drained by west coast and freo before anyone else, so it was bound to end badly …”


“Another dodo bust”.


“Sack dodoto”

Then maybe,

“You say dotato”

It’ll happen.

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I really can’t agree with that idea.

Imagine another situation, that has happened to me recently.
I needed to get into my apartment quickly, it was really important, I pulled my key out, fumbled , tried to get it in the hole … like about seven times … but just couldn’t seem to do it, with any skill whatsoever.

Yet I can’t tell you how many times I have unlocked that door, almost without looking …. When it didn’t matter.

Perception is everything, and “winning goals” or “significant acts” at other times can be pivotal moments, within a game and perhaps within a season.

I would love to know what his heart rate was like as Durham took the last kick.

So did you ■■■■ yourself or not?


Gross man.

I will take that as a yes


Hasn’t hurt them. They won finals and flags.

And the AwFL punished us to cover up for what they and other premiers did.

What did we get for that? Their fans booed our captain. Their president said we should just “cop our fair whack”. And the ultimate disgrace, we had then imposed on us the worst coach we have ever had to set us back another decade.

Fark WCE.

Please direct Nick to my Ted talk.

I think the correct past participle of the verb you just invented should be “screenshat”.

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Didnt he just re-sign?

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Nicholas. :eggplant:

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solid user of the footy tonight.
runs back and forward hard.


Does footy well.