4 Senior List Spots, 1 Rookie & 1 Zac Clarke... Do we take 4 Picks at the National Draft? Or play 2019 with 39-5?


Seems a decent chance that we are trying to get a DFA this year after Dan Richardson indicated we would take 3 players in the ND - other options are to take a 4th ND pick (end of the draft) or a 3rd rookie pick.

Here are the limited DFA options:

Tom Campbell
Michael Apeness (freo committed to rookie listing him)

Dean Towers
Dan Robinson
Jordan Foote (Mid/Sml-Def)
Sheridan :negative_squared_cross_mark: (GWS)
Lyons :negative_squared_cross_mark:(Lions)

Townsend (Tiges committed to rookie listing him)


Not saying we should get him but Menzel deserves to be on that list.


Lyons is the only one I’d be interested in ability wise but really we probably need to have another mature ruck option. Neither of those 2 rucks excite me so hopefully there’s somebody we are looking at from the state leagues.


You can sign delisted free agents that were listed in 2017 so Zac Clarke for instance. Having said that id just go to the draft. Our last pick won’t end up being 102 once they re-jig the order with how many selection each club is actually taking, + adjustments for F/S and academy kids swapping them around as well. Total player score taken in ND 2015 - 70, 2016 - 77, 2017 - 78.




Just take the 4 draft picks


Can’t we have 3 picks, then take an extra Rookie?

It means each of the rookies have a chance to prove themselves over preseason, then the most deserving gets an upgrade to the main list for the start of the season.


We will probably want to keep a rookie space free for this mid season trade/draft period

Most clubs may ensure they giving themselves the flexibility to address a list need


We cold have two picks and two extra rookies if we want to.


Considering the rookie draft is the same day, we might as well jump the queue and take whoever in the ND, back him in for 2 years and don’t risk losing them in the RD






Cyril hasn’t signed a Form 40. He is now a Delisted Free Agent. He can sign with anyone.


This really needed a new thread about DFAs, when we already have the “everybody else’s trash, our treasure” thread…




Very good question… Dan said that we will be taking 3 players in the ND.


Tom Sheridan officially a Giant and Lyons signed at Brisbane


That’s a good pickup by the Giants. Sheridan may look better with a more competent midfield in front of him


With Scully gone and Shiel who they were also playing in a more outside role they def needed someone with run.


They did incredibly well this year with Shaw and Scully among many others out. Perhaps a running player like Sheridan could have made all the difference for them in the Semi-final vs Collingwood