4 Senior List Spots, 1 Rookie & 1 Zac Clarke... Do we take 4 Picks at the National Draft? Or play 2019 with 39-5?


Yeah good fit for the Giants - Funny how many Freo players they’ve now taken





Would he still be classified as a ‘delisted free agent’ after playing a season in the WAFL given he was delisted last year?

I had assumed he’d have to go into the draft pool to get listed again.


Isn’t Sydney interested in him and doing a medical?


Who came up with the thread title? We have as many draft picks as we have free spots on the list, every single year


While that is 100% correct, Dan Richardson has stated on SEN that we will take 3 picks in the national draft on Tuesday hence the title.

Obviously situation may change in the next 2 weeks - probably based on if we do in-fact sign a DFA.


Hawthorn have signed ex-saints sml forward Darren Minchington.

Gold Coast reportedly interested in Jordan Murdoch.



But I think the rules are changing for next year.


We’re probably just taking both F/S candidates as rookies and taking 5 rookies this year.


Could you imagine the damage he, Tippa, and Fantasia would inflict? Wowee!!


Definite possibility. With McNiece going CatB, certainly gives us options re: F/S rookies.

Would be handy to ‘see who’s left’ at the end of the ND with a 4th pick. If there is still someone we rate worthy of a 2year deal, get the jump ahead of the rookie draft.

Assuming of course that we don’t sign anyone as a DFA.


I reckon we should be having a serious look at Cory Gregson. *pending medical

22 year old sml forward. Has had a terrible run with injury, in particular to the foot where he had the wrong sized screws inserted which caused a re-break. This is the major concern but he is a former gymnast who would love our spongy floors :wink:.

Get the foot right and we would have a very decent prospect as a small fwd. Wouldn’t need to rush him into the team by any-means but would seriously help our sml-fwd depth. Medical prognosis would be the only factor against him.


He looks/reminds me of a younger version of Colyer.



Cavarra comes with the advantage of actually being able to get on the park.


Isn’t Cavarra what they turned into Metricon Stadium?


What pick range do you think he is going to get drafted at?

I would definitely take him if available with our pick in the 80s, and consider him at 66 depending on how the draft drops.

I don’t think best available talent at pick 34 will be a sml fwd fwiw.


He is a rookie chance, but I feel this is his year. His transition as a small forward has been a successful one. I think he’d be great for us.


Ben Cavarra @WilliamstownFC the standout #PJVFL performer at the @Rookieme state #AFLCombine today:

2.88 20m
8.03 agility
21.7 yo-yo

didn’t realize he was so quick



I’d really like for us to take a look at Menzel.