4 Senior List Spots, 1 Rookie & 1 Zac Clarke... Do we take 4 Picks at the National Draft? Or play 2019 with 39-5?


For the VFL side?


He’ll go to the Swans


Their Alex Johnson experience should suit Menzel.


I rate Menzel but he plays as a marking target forward. Given the significance of fwd-pressure, Menz would be looking to play the same role as Stringer as a 3rd fwd type.

Very much surplus to requirements as Laverde, Stewart & Begley (to a lesser extent) can all play that role.


Nup. If we can get him for nothing he is well worth the spot IMO. Even if he only manages to play a dozen or so games it’d be worth it.


He’s not going to choose to come to us when he wouldn’t be in our best side

And as others have mentioned we’ve got other players who’d come in next over him who actually put in defensively


As what, exactly?

We’ve got Stringer fairly firmly entrenched as 3rd forward, with Lav and Begley hot on his heels, Houlahan somewhere in the mix and (at a pinch) Langford and Francis could also play there.

You can’t just keep loading up on the same type of player.


And that’s if we don’t go for 3 pure tall forwards.

I agree there is no need for Menzel and he’s not in our best 22.


Stringer, Lav, Begley, Menzel.


I mean, if we really want a good mark and shot for goal who (currently) doesn’t provide any pressure, why wouldn’t we just select Stewart in the side?

At least Stewart is mobile up the wings, and has the potential to have a greater physical presence and more pressure.


Menzel is miles ahead of lav, Begley and Houlihan at the moment though. Francis is not a half forward and Langford should be 70% mid.


His problem is he’s not ahead of them - hence why he’s looking for a job, and they’re not. (Actually, I’ll give you Houlahan…)

And he’s 26.
Seriously, he’s no good. Takes his little lead up marks in front of the big blokes for 1 or 2 goals every week, and that’s all. Horrendous runner. Doesn’t tackle. Doesn’t go near a hardball. Involved in the game for maybe 4-5 minutes every week.


Not to mention in the last 4 finals Geelong have played in that he has been a part of he has kicked a massive 3 goals total, all while being a complete defensive liability.




Ha, ha, no that’s Carrara on the Gold Coast.



So that’s new. They’re now interpreting it to be the previous 4 years (ie. excluding the current year). So next year we’ll have two second rounders and a 2020 first as currency.

Also clarified that matching counts. So a big leg up to anyone with top level academy or f/s selections.


GWS will have used 11 first round picks while in a premiership window.


@SplitRound what does it mean?


Can anyone get that whole article?

Thanks in advance