4 Senior List Spots, 1 Rookie & 1 Zac Clarke... Do we take 4 Picks at the National Draft? Or play 2019 with 39-5?


Tuesday was a reference to the day Richo was on SEN with McClure, not the draft.

I think its a reasonable indication of their plans at that stage - definitely not definitive but there isn’t a major advantage by telling a lie.

Dea wasn’t officially delisted at that stage which could be an excuse as to why he said 3 draft picks though. (Dea was announced the day after)


Mason was named on calders summer training squad, its a good indication that he’d get a nomination for one of the overage spots. He’d also slide straight into the role Hanna was playing for them this season.

History shows that 19 yo bean poles don’t go very high in the draft so we’d be unlikely to have to match a high bid next year. We should just be going with whatever is best for Masons health and development.

I don’t think we would be allowed to play him in the TAC if we rookie him, he’d have to play vfl or in the EDFL


Apparently we are after a back up ruckman.


I’d envisage him playing for PEGS in the VAFA. Ken was a long-time teacher and coach there.


Love your name

Ronnie Andrews was our hero for many years and… still is ,


I asked the question because Dangerfield played TAC after being drafted, but being an overager it’s different (and being the AFL we all know it’s different for Dangerfield at any time, let alone expecting any consistent rules for longer that 3 hours)


Does the fact that we’ve signed Hind on the VFL list suggest we won’t be drafting him?


Yes, let’s show our hand.

NOT signing him would have been much more indicative.


Different case as he was 17 when he was drafted, and still had to finish school.
I’d imagine that possibility went out when they raised the age to 18.


Jordan Murdoch reportedly agreed to deal with suns. Also have interest in Nathan Freeman


Wow… the suns are going a bit like Carlton did under Pagan picking up a thousand rejects from other clubs .


Probably the way to go for them. They need stability, and players who actually want to be there. They can’t get any worse on field, and this way they should also get a bit more grunt than they would by press ganging another 500 kids. Good move imo.


Murdoch and Freeman not exactly grunt players

Still reckon it’s bonkers they lobbied to get access to mature age players and didn’t go for anyone at all.
Surely someone like Grigg makes more sense for them than Murdoch?


GC signed up Sam Collins, Josh Corbett and Chris Burgess with the priority access to mature age players.



Never mind me.


I meant that more in terms of players who are physically ready to play AFL now, aa opposed to skinny kids needing a few preseasons of gym time, rather than in and under players. Probably could have worded it better.


GC are money balling as got no choice really. Have to draft for the star quality and just get hard working role players around them.


It’s certainly a good year to be a discarded hack. GC will pick up anyone


Amazing to think they’ll pick up some hack like Murdoch but not give Barlow a go.

Shambles club


I’m surprised they haven’t picked up Dea. He’d do a good job for them and good character off field.