#40 Ben Howlett - Delisted


So true, you never burn Tippa.


Put in a good effort. Made a couple of blunders, but that’s ok. Was a cog in a beautiful machine last night.
Onya, Benny.


His hard work was valuable last week and this week too. Missed a few targets, but no big deal. He adds hard body experience to the team.


will be omitted for Parish without a seconds hesitation.


I thought he wasn’t our worst but he & Myers just don’t look to have the pace by hand or foot to be effective in our game style.


I think this was the game that David finally looked to settle back into the game. Funny how different people can see the same thing.


Benny’s one of the very few guys in the team that I see consistently making an effort to lay shepherds and blocks to clear space and buy time for team mates who have the ball.

He is always doing those 1%rs that go unnoticed and don’t receive the plaudits by the fans but the coaching staff and his team mates find invaluable.

If the rest of the list could take a leaf out of Ben’s book and adopt his attitude to doing the team things that he does, and combine it with the way the team played last night, they would be nigh on impossible to beat I believe.

I agree that he needs to tidy up his disposals a bit, but that will come with more exposure at AFL level after gaining consistent match conditioning.

Some of the returning banned players like he, Jobe and Trav Colyer are just taking that little while longer to regain that touch skills wise than we all would’ve hoped for but are improving slowly each week.


He had only 3 touches to halftime & finished with 14 - that’s not enough for any mid in any game let alone a game we dominate. Its not all about disposals but he had only 1 tackle & just doesn’t seem quick enough to know exactly what to do.


I’m not fussed about stats I’m just going by the way he looked to be coping. Somebody said he did a lot of blocking work. Can’t say I was looking for that be he was right amongst it which pleased me. Some players don’t need high stats to be effective imo. He’s one
Benjamin Disraeli: “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.”


Was he playing mid?


They are talking about Myers


He was ok last night, appears a stint in the twos has got him going again. He is still a limited player with the footy and it showed last night. But in close his terrier attitude hasn’t changed.


I’m sorry correct, door to get off topic


Hey Tezza, your post made no sense.

Have a coffee, sober up, watch the replay and start drinking again!


Sorry I was talking about myers


Replay will be hammered today and maybe next week too


His kicking was definitely worse-than-usual dodgy, but he got to the right spots and was good with the shepherds etc. If he goes out it’ll be because there are compulsory ins.


Agree. Got better 2nd time up, and would likely improve on that again with another run, … but as you say,… there are only so many spots.


One of my favourite moments from the game - Walla is running in past 50, heading to goal. Bobcat is running at his side, coaching him on. Bobcat points at Green and yells “block him!” about a farkport player zooming in to harass Walla. Green tries, but is falling off, after a long run himself. So Bobcat veers off and makes the block himself as Walla makes the goal.


Puts in 100 percent every game he plays but he’s keeping Parish’s spot warm