#40 Ben Howlett - Delisted


Give me a list of players that don’t put in 100%.


Jake Carlisle.


Current Essendon players.


That’s your job isn’t it?


He was always going to be very good depth even before the suspensions. He showed exactly that but does have a place on the list.


Are you talking to me?



Most complete midfield performance we’ve had in weeks. It’s not just about how many touches each player gets, it’s about whether they are doing the team things.

I’ll repeat, David Myers has a winning percentage and was drafted in 2007. He has played in more wins than losses. Hooker can’t claim that, Hurley can’t claim that, Zaharakis can’t claim that. It’s not a statistical anomaly, it is because Myers makes those around him better.

Now back on topic of Howlett, he is playing great team football too. It would be a brave man that dropped anyone from a team that just smashed a top 5 team by 70.


I can’t see Myers being dropped


I can. quite easily actually.


how whole team V Richmond a few weeks back


Bullsh*t, based on what?

The whole team tried, they just didn’t have the skills to get the job done.


Its my opinion that we bring that intensity we took to the field last night we would’ve destroyed richmond

thats the beauty of opinions, they like ■■■■■■■■ everyone has one.


Wasn’t the intensity. Richmond put a lot more pressure on us, and our skills fell away.


we couldn’t hit water if we fell out of a boat.


But anyway, the point I was getting at was everyone gives 100%, so saying “he gives 100%” is just as stupid as those people that say “he bleeds red and black” or that “grew up supporting xx” like it means anything significant.

I’m happy he gives nice shepherds but he’s isn’t in the best 22 anymore and he isn’t the future. He’s basically a stop-gap option until better players can come in and replace him. His skills aren’t good, he’s not quick, enough and he doesn’t bring enough to the table. Parish comes in for him no questions asked. We’re not a good enough team to be handing charity games to players when we have better players to come in.


So we agree, he gives 100 percent but Isnt best 22 anymore


The big difference between Watson and Colyer compared to Howlett is that the ability and ceiling of Watson and Colyer was and is much higher.
Howlett has played VFL time in each of his last 3 seasons. The fact that there has been more VFL time this year does not necessarily mean he is finding his feet. It could just mean that he’s a little older and/or our list is a little stronger.
At a guess I’d say he’s moved from a list perspective of being in the range of 20-30 in 2015 to around 25-35 now.


Some people don’t you know.


God i hope you’re joking/being sarcastic.
cos if not, that is way up there with the delusions of even the most out there posters around here.
You’d have to be higher than charlie sheen after a 2 week bender to honestly believe that logic surely.