#42 Adam Saad


Are you suggesting we have a mole amongst the ranks?


Or it’s just Zac giving Saad sh\t


From here


This conspiracy goes all the way to the top.

But moles live underground.


Doesn’t really look photoshopped, just reversed??

Although he’s not actually looking at the ball as you’d expect either, … so it is a bit suss, … :thinking:


And now I look at date of that post, it was a trade week photoshop.

The conspiracy gets deeper.

We’d just traded him in at that point.

From the Gold Coast.
You know who trades gold? Hmm, yeah I’m not saying it either.


The Adidas logo is a giveaway.


Mali, which had its trade in Gold undercut by Portuguese ships along the west African Coast?


Pesky Malians.


Good hash in Mali


The lack of Michael Long, Gavin Wanganeen or Andrew Lovett is disturbing.


How good would Andrew Lovett be in this current side.

It what was a dismal period of the clubs history he was great to watch when on his game.


Saad looks much better in red and black.


Everyone looks better in red and black


Even without their own body




They’ve even tanned Bags. Which he’d be happy with


Going by Zakka and Hartley’s instagram, Saad got married today. Congratulations


oops engagement. Still congratulations


Don’t get @Stressed_out about it. Congratulations Saad.