#42 Adam Saad


Why do people here think Smack has any trade value when he’s not even on our main list?


Well, he has added value for us over the years.

Makes a reasonable backup ruck or KPF.

But more importantly, the player muddies the waters and allows the club to talk the deal up as being more in their favour than it might otherwise seem.


At a guess the same reason we have kept him on our list. He is DR for kpf’s going down and rucks.
Apologise for degenerating into IT speak.


I don’t really see the point of the Saad and 19 trade. Saad’s the easiest trade to get done. When 11 is gone they’ll accept 28 IMO.
19 is about right for either Smith or Stringer, but it then leaves you short a pick for the other.
11 and something for Bris 18 & 19 is the trade. That then gets those two done


Except Brisbane won’t do that deal




Would GCS countenance a trade for a pick plus Dea?

He may like the idea of getting game time there (he would be getting even less with EFC than this year should we get Saad) and GCS may like a defensive player who was OK with us last year.


A player from GWS,WB or us who wants to go to GC makes the deal so much easier.


I actually think Dea would be a good get for GC. He is courageous and they are losing mcKenzie, Saad and Matt Shaw.


Problem with this like all GC trades is finding a player who wants to go there.

GC will pay slightly overs for a player one would think, just so they can sell the story. They also need a few older heads to show the young blokes the AFL standard.


HS reporting that Colyer could be involved in the Saad trade.


Could also be a matter of finding an Eagle, if the Colyer to WCE rumour has any legs.


What is colyer worth in terms of draft picks? Late second round? Early 3rd.


Link plz? or copy/paste?


HS reading Blitz.

What pick do WCE have for their 2nd round? 30?


Saad would be to us what Houli is to Tiges.

Think we would grow to love his spirit and discipline- much of which comes from his dedication to his faith.


I’d say something like that. Mid 30s seems about right.


This might sound ridiculous but I think this bloke is more important to us our overall structure than Stringer might be? I said might be! Jake still has to prove himself .


Colyer is best 22, contracted and has pace for the modern game. Probably about the same as Saad.


Saad doesn’t fumble and has superior kicking skills