#42 Adam Saad


Does he? I don’t get to watch much football over here, so I’m not saying that he doesn’t, but I did notice that in that highlight reel they didn’t show where any of kicks actually went.

On the other hand, it would be hard to be worse than Colyer was this year.


Saad is a reliable kick most of the time (far more than Colyer) but still occassionally suffers the ‘going to fast and kick a shocker’ that most fast blokes do.

Better defensively than Colyer (who is more a HF/Wing) but not great left 1-1. The real strength is his attacking nature and ability to bust tackles and run through the lines. break away pace and also does plenty of running to space to assist team mates.

He is probably worth around 25-35 pick wise… but we are getting a bargain who will absolutely be a fan fave by half time round 1 I reckon.

i am really salivating at the thought of him and mcKenna breaking through HB… oh boy wowee!


We’re gonna fk this up and he’ll end up at Carlton


Saad is basically a dempsey replacement, perhaps with a little less aerial ability but a more capable defensive game.


Using McKenna as a comparison Saad stacks up well in most stats.

I believe McKenna’s rate of improvement will be much faster though, with a higher ceiling.

But Saad will prove a very handy acquisition.


Just this one? I’d say we’re guaranteed to fck two up. And then trade 11 and Daniher for Stringer.


Dodo-ro can’t get trades done, should be sacked. I also partially blame Worst-fold because as head coach he would play a part in recruitment and although we had 3 players nominate us as their club of choice were unable to get any of them across the line (by day 2 or the trade period).



Nah, it’ll be 11, Daniher and Francis for Schache.


Having recruited Saad I hope we dont end up disaappointed.


Yep, that will make me very saad


Could you troll any harder?


Needs sarcastica


Afl site saying we had pick 11 for Saad and pick 19 rejected today.


WOW! Thought that was a good offer


We rejected or GC rejected?




Gold Coast rejected it


AFL website

Suns and Dons haggle over Saad picks

Gold Coast has rejected an offer from Essendon that would see the Bombers’ pick No.11 make its way to the Suns in exchange for Adam Saad and pick No.19.

A deal could still be struck between the clubs, however, if the Bombers are willing to accept one of the Suns’ second-round picks (No.22 and No.24) instead of No.19.

Saad, who is contracted until the end of 2018, finished 10th in the Suns’ 2017 best and fairest and the club views an eight-pick rise in the draft order as insufficient compensation for the explosive half-back.

Could the Suns deal with anyone else?

  • Saad, who is settling in Melbourne after returning from holiday in Thailand, nominated Essendon as his preferred club, but his request for a trade was so he could return home to Melbourne for family reasons.

  • The Suns are hopeful they would be able to deal with other clubs if a deal with Essendon couldn’t be struck.

  • Carlton also showed early interest in Saad before the Bombers were nominated as his preferred home.

Saad’s camp remains hopeful a deal will be struck soon to send the 23-year-old to Essendon, setting the Bombers up to focus on their other deals.

The Suns have rejected the Bombers’ first offer for Adam Saad.

11 for Saad+22

22 for Devon Smith

Next years first for Stringer?


I would have as well.

We need to dip a little more in I’d suspect.

Such as also including our pick 28 and getting 35 back.