#42 Adam Saad


AFL to offer north to Tassie and Tassie to reject them.


I’d reject them too.


They are all set for the Korean market when the radiation subsides!


I’m happy to put my hand up and head to the Gold Coast to kick a footy around.


As long as they heavily frontload my 7 year contract so that as soon as my salary drops below 500k I can ■■■■ off back home, I’m in.


Carlton are offering pick 39 or something for Kennedy. We should go… Low 20’s for Kennedy, higher 20’s for Saad, both 2018 2nds for Stringer, bang, farkcarlton, farkdogs, fark typing Reith one finger on a phone


if we could pinch kennedy and get the other trades done, no more farking games. dreams become a reality and the Jackets bronze statue at tulla gets built


He was using more than one finger I reckon.




The earlier we lock in other trades, the stupider the Bulldogs look.


Should really be able to get this done today.


Blitz: I come for the trade news. I stay for the relevant political satire.


I would like us to offer the Bulldogs pick #24 with a deadline.

Then wait for the deadline to pass and then trade that to GCS for Saad + 2018 3rd round.

That’d be pretty funny.


Really disappointing that 17 other clubs are causing this by not treating Jake with the respect he deserves like old mate Bevo said, Bulldogs should be really happy with their handling of this.


Its one of the great WTF comments ever.

We’ve got no respect for him any more, ■■■■ bloke, he has to go. But you lot better respect what he’s done!



Reminds me of something Robert Shaw said years ago, that blokes start thinking they are Kevin Sheedy after they win a flag and can sprout whatever rubbish they want and expect it to be gospel.


Is this deal happening today? or is GC playing games too?


My guess is GC want our 2018 2nd round pick but we’ve offered them this year’s pick 29.


I reckon thats a fair trade. Do some pick swaps or ask them to add an extra pick somewhere and its worth it


I think its to our advantage to get this done today. If it means giving them a 2nd round pick from next year so be it.

Sooner we get the pressure back on Doggies the better.