#42 Adam Saad


A close mate of Saad today told me that apparently Adam asked Bachar Houli about us and how he was treated during his time at EFC and Houli spoke super positively about us! Said we respected his culture and gave him heaps of support…


Except for Knights, who didn’t rate his football.


Worked well when he refused to talk to Hird about staying


Not true. Hird talking to him was what made him think about staying. Knights give him zero. But what I was getting at is Bachar spoke glowingly about the club and how they supported him as the first devot Muslim playing AFL.


As if McGrath won’t make the transition. The very idea is preposterous and l scoff at it.


You know you’re in trouble when even SillyBilly is mocking you.


Tried it once.

10 possessions for the quarter.

Yeah nah won’t transition


WooHoo!!! Deal is done, so let’s get down and party.


McKenna and Saad running off half back in tandem is going to cause teams an absolute mountain of trouble. Going to be some games where it drives Bomber fans crazy as well but if footy is about entertaining the masses, we will be the most entertaining team in the AFL next season. How do you defend and stop these two?


LOL is this the most incorrect post of the off season?


Get stuffed you campaigner.



Stringer not traded in yet.

Blitz turns on their own.

Fark this is funny.


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Im gonna fill this thread full of uppercuts in a minute.


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To capacity?


Now that we have Saad and potentially we could be blooding Ridley this year, does anyone think we could potentially release McKenna into the midfield? that would blow my mind


Added benefit: McKenna could shout out the midfield plays and our players would be the only ones who could understand him.