#42 Adam Saad


Suns Lose Saad… Adam thing to do.


Essendon Membership reaches… nahhhhh


Those highlights…


Getting Saad, can be Adam good thing.


First player to play for both Essendon and Gold Coast?


We will have to get used to yelling out ‘kick it!’ as he takes on another player.



Run forest Run


Better see some defence next year don’t was us to be solely a run and gun team.


Plenty to work with but still got a long way to go and is not a ready made lock best 22 player for mine. If McGrath struggles to transition into the middle and spends more time back I think Saads going to find it a bit tougher to get games. Also think Connor will go to another level next season and will have more AFL quality weapons than Saad.


You kidding right? he is best 22 will be taking Kellys spot.




Very nice. Think McKenna will go to the next level and become one of the top hbf in the competition next season.

The transition football is going to be great to watch.



Well if that happens, and that is one huge IF, wouldn’t you push McKenna into the middle and slot Saad back?

Get a feeling you’ll see them all run through the middle and backline.


Imagine the preseason.

Fantasia, Walls and Green having to put work and run McKenna and Saad. Talk about two group making each other better. The rest of the comp with appear like a slow walk when they play after training against each other.


When did we recruit that grumpy old carnt?


Haha, Walla that old grumpy bugger should never be allowed near the joint!


A team full of “Jack of all trades” types.


The part I liked best in his highlight vid is when he marks literally right next to two opponents and just goes, nah fark this and darts away