#42 Adam Saad



The cleaning laaaaady


What a great photo - gets my pulse racing when I think about him giving that smile to opposition defenders as he baulks past them and leaves them in his wake!


He and Irish are going to make an exciting double act.


The ball from D50 to F50 is going to be so ■■■■■■ quick both guys take off soon as they win the ball


Thinking a number change fo McGrath is coming.
Saad maybe set for the number 1 ?


What makes you think that?


Saad has changed his twitter handle I believe.


I was more referencing the McGrath call.


2 players cant wear the number 1. Saad_1


Oh, ok.

Yeah, would be surprised to see McGrath swap numbers at this stage.


He would look good in the 5.


looks like

Saad 1
McGrath 5


I don’t think McGrath has struggled with anything in his life. He oozes class.


Pumped to see this guy tearing it up.

Having three genuine rebounding player in Saad, McKenna and Hurley is such a potent weapon. Add an intercepting Francis and you have one monster backline.


maybe hes just changed his twitter name to 1 or whatever because he is a cocky ■■■■


He hasn’t changed his twitter…he wore no1 at Coburg before getting drafted - twitter has always had the __1 in it


Would be silly for McGrath to change from 1. Famous number; drafted at no.1 for the first time in the club’s history. Then again, whatever.


Looks good in Red and Black.


This. Doesn’t make a whole lot of sense; if they wanted McG in 4 or 5 long-term might aswell have given him a 30-40 number this year.