#42 Adam Saad


Mopping up everything that comes his way.


There wont be a Saad/McGrath 1-2.

It will be a Saad/McGrath 1-2-3-4 Goaaaaaaaaaaaaal.


McKenna and Saad could 1-2 the entire length of the ground.


A little Saad story in today’s H/S

Adam Saad wants to emulate the premiership heroics of good mate Bachar Houli
JON RALPH, Herald Sun
November 18, 2017 10:54am
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DASHING Essendon defender Adam Saad says he is desperate to emulate the premiership feats of good mate Bachar Houli at his new home.

Saad this week started training at his new Melbourne Airport home base, immediately feeling comfortable after spending three years away from family on the Gold Coast.

Houli has been a mentor for Saad as he came through the junior ranks and finally found his way to the AFL after starring in the VFL for Coburg.

But his cultural beliefs meant he became intensely homesick away from his family, eventually seeking a trade.

But before that he sat with his family in Melbourne’s inner north on Grand Final day, watching a mate achieve a life-long dream.

“I was watching it and Bachar was outstanding in that game,’’ he told the Sunday Herald Sun from a five-day training camp in Darwin.

“In the big moments of the game he really stood up and I was so happy for him to be a premiership player.

“If I could emulate him, winning a flag, it would be a dream come true.

“I was watching it at home with my family and when Richmond got up I was pretty happy.

“I know Bachar pretty well, we are pretty close and I have tried to learn off him and feed off what he has been trying to do in the past 10 years.”

Ironically Houli left Essendon for Richmond to seek greater opportunity and has peeled off seven excellent seasons at the Tigers.

Saad, 23, knew on Monday morning his trade would work out perfectly before he even walked into the doors of Essendon.

“I live in Brunswick so (Essendon’s headquarters) are a 15 or 20-minute drive on the freeway,’’ he said.

“It was pretty different. It’s really good knowing I can finish my training and just go home.

“The first drive was pretty special, to be honest. It’s the most excited I have been in a year or so.

Saad’s good mate Bachar Houli celebrates a Grand Final day goal. Picture: Getty Images
“Being away for three years was a massive challenge. It’s been a relief seeing my nieces and nephews every single day and my grandma lives just down the road so it’s been pretty special.”

Saad found some aspects of the Gold Coast a challenge to his faith given the lack of family support, completing his Ramadan fast with only a few assistant coaches.

But he says the perception he could only find a partner if he was introduced by a family elder or religious figure in his local community was wide of the mark.

“It’s nothing like that, it’s who you fall in love with. For me it was nothing about finding a partner,” he said.

“In our culture preferably it would be a Muslim who had the same beliefs as me. But you don’t have to get introduced by family or friends.

“It’s all about connecting with someone and if you find love that’s it.”

He can’t wait to build a synergy with the back six over summer, likely to feature on an attacking half-back line that includes Conor McKenna and Michael Hurley.

The player acquired for a 2018 second-round pick has been typecast as a rebounder but also plays as a miserly lock-down defender.

“My first session was on Monday and I am absolutely loving it,” he said.

“Seeing Essendon make a final this year, if we can have a really good pre-season and play finals next year it’s where I want to go.

“To be able to play in a game like that with a big crowd would be so exciting.

“Every player on an AFL list wants to win a premiership and at Essendon we are striving to do that.

“We will work really hard this pre-season and hopefully we can make finals and give it a really good shake next year.”


The blokes already talking premierships. Sheesh, keep the kid on for just a little bit…


Adam ‘lid off’ Saad


I like that he’s talking premierships means he’s driven to help the team achive that goal it’s what players play for.


So he’s happy to be living close to family & excited by his new environment.
He wants to emulate Houli, his role model, by playing in a premiership with his new club.
What’s so “lid (kid) off” about that?
I think it’s great that he’s so enthusiastic to be a Bomber, & determined to succeed.
Can’t wait to see him in action.
Excitement level for this list is potentially off the charts!


I really don’t care how many games we win. We will be exciting regardless. All rebound speed and forward line magic this team. Teams will be afraid to take possession, move the ball forward and take a shot because if they miss they are screwed… oh wait, I just remembered our kickouts. If we can coax Fletch out of retirement we’ll be fine.


The only issue McGrath will have transitioning to midfield is they know how good in defence he is. So if a small forward gets a hold of the team, there will be a temptation to move McGrath back.


I like how he will sit next to Walla. The two speedsters will be able to compare run down tackles.


Was Houli’s number with us 42 aswell?



This is from a few weeks back, but I didn’t see this on here yet, so here ya go.

A good pic of all the young fellas at the NT camp as well.

[Adam Saad says Essendon’s Northern Territory camp the perfect way to become a Bomber

Anthony Colangelo](http://www.theage.com.au/afl/afl-news/adam-saad-says-essendons-northern-territory-camp-the-perfect-way-to-become-a-bomber-20171119-gzobq9.html)

Essendon recruit Adam Saad says a gruelling hike through the Katherine Gorge during a week-long training camp in the Northern Territory has been the perfect way to get to know his new Bombers teammates.

Saad, 23, moved to the Bombers from the Gold Coast Suns in trade week and while speaking from Essendon’s first-to-fourth-year players’ training and cultural learning trip in the Top End said everyone at his new club had made him feel instantly at home.

“It’s good to get together as a younger group to build [leadership] qualities through perseverance along the way of the hike and camping that you might not get in normal training,” Saad said. "It got us out of our shells and for me to know all the boys who are my teammates now.

"I have [hiked before] but not like that, not for as long as we did. We even did some canoeing and swimming so yes I have camped out but not the long hikes we did.

“It was a grind and we had to get each other through, which was good. We persevered and really enjoyed the process.”

Saad began pre-season at Essendon’s Tullamarine base last Monday.

"Pre-season never gets easier because you’re pushing yourself every single session and you’re trying to improve every single day. But my body has become used to the demands of footy and it’s all about being consistently on the track and competing every session.

“The last two years I have been injury free and completed most of the sessions so I feel like I am much fitter and much stronger. For me the key is to improve every day and get better.”

He said he had most enjoyed meeting people through Essendon’s indigenous connections in west Arnhem Land and the Tiwi Islands.

Through cultural education sessions with communities in those areas on the camp Saad said he identified similarities between Indigenous Australian culture and his own Lebanese-Muslim background.

“The main similarity is family and being together and being happy and living by the core values that we live by every single day,” Saad said.

“But those kids, just seeing them with the smile on their faces it really reminds me of my family and my community, just being happy and in the moment.”

Getting back to be closer to his family was one of the main drivers for Saad’s move to Victoria. He spent three years living on the Gold Coast and while he only had positive things to say about the club, Saad and his family needed him home.

“It is a really big relief for my family,” Saad said. "To see the smile on my mum’s face again, because she struggled a fair bit over the last few years. It’s hard to know what to say, it means so much and I am so happy and grateful to be back in Melbourne.

“It is a homecoming. Being away was pretty tough for three years. To see my family more and even my nieces and nephews and my grandparents is pretty special.”

Gold Coast tried to help Saad feel connected to his culture as much as they could. Assistant coach Dean Solomon and teammate Steven May even fasted during Ramadan with him.

Essendon’s two other high profile trade period recruits Devon Smith and Jake Stringer didn’t go on the camp.

Saad moved to the Bombers from the Suns in exchange for a future second round draft pick. He played 48 games for the Suns since his debut in 2015.


I don’t mind those purple singlets.

Don’t recall seeing them before.


Good too see Jake had his hiking boots on.


Is that Begley on the left? He is huge!!


Yep, from left to right:

Begley, Lavender, Clarke, Langford, McGrath, Mutch, Parish, Francis (hidden in the back), Ridley, Draper, Saad, Redman, McNeice, Laverde, Long



Purple is the new black.


I assumed he was a trainer!