#42 Adam Saad


Would have been nice to add Hind as well.


Maybe come the draft in November when 2018 is on its Hind legs we will add him.


I can’t think of any. Melbourne have Hunt, but then not really anybody close to that speed.

It’s funny, leading into last year, having no run off half back was actually one the the biggest concerns many had with the side. (Well ok, barnz and yourself were obviously less worried.)


His kicking was impressive. Lots of neat kicks that spun well and hit the target and none of the long helicopter bombs that he was known for a Gold Cost


he is going to stream from halfback through the centre on Anzac Day tearing Collingwood apart, and you are all going to like it!


I am going to like it and turn to my GC supporting mate and say, he didn’t do that at the Suns, thats why you needed to sack Rockett.


You know the Gold coast fan! We’re in rare company my friends


A 3 game member to boot…


Does he bleed ‘Red, blue and gold?’


He is a league convert and his son plays the game…

Yes, and his membership sticker can be seen when you put it on the back window of his tinted car…


So, with McKenna and Saad playing off halfback, does that mean we no longer need to play Fantasia, Walla or Greene as a plus one off the backline during centre bounces?


Yes, but only because the AFL has sent out a memo about such dastardly coaching.


I think the point of that was having someone with pace being loose and without an opponent hitting the square.

McKenna and Saad will both have direct forward opponents


Just launch The Fridge off the back of the square. Other sides laundry bills would go up.


Deer me…


And, Raz is going to do to them what Assholo has done to us too many times to mention.


Now that Saad has freed McGrath up to play in the middle, who is going to replace Saad when he starts playing in the middle?

All joking aside, the option to ‘rest’ McGrath down back and throw Saad or McKenna into the centre for spells is another tantalising option…


Might be onto something there. “Resting” mids forward is a bad idea. Rest them in the back pocket, so they learn how to defend.


Unless that mid happens to be Jakey Stringer of course!