#42 Adam Saad


Brick shithouse.


McGrath’s height is a concern :stuck_out_tongue:


So…a first to fourth year team huh
(with a couple thrown in to make up numbers)

McNeice Ridley Redman
Saad Francis Mckenna

Long Parish McGrath
Zerret Langford Draper

Clarke Laverde Begley
Walla Lavender Mutch


If three or four of these guys take another step up we are in business.


I reckon Saad might be the most important acquisition for us. Not because he’ll be the most influential player as I don’t think he will be. I just think he adds elite pace and therefore opens McKenna and McGrath up for damages elsewhere. It’s a great position to be in.


Nah i disagree, smith will be the most important for us. will add midfield accountability which we lack in spades.


I hope you are correct. I’m just not sold on him being an elite or near enough to it midfielder. I don’t have an opinion either way as I haven’t seen enough to form an opinion.
However I reckon Saad frees McGrath up to be a midfielder


If Stringer continues to play the way he did in the intra club he is the most important, Smith and Saad are great additions but there is no one like Stringer on our list in terms of what he can bring.


This guy was pretty slick yesterday. Love how he just backs himself to outrun anyone, and does!


Disposal was better than I thought it might be as well.


I think it is wonderful and encouraging that we can genuinely argue over which of these three new trades will be the most important for us. Even one of them will bring something important to the side - having three is going to provide a massive improvement across the whole ground and I reckon that’s the big benefit getting the SSSs.


Very true.


We were quick anyway… Then we added this guy, who is arguably the quickest going around.

Knights must cry looking at this list…


Clearly a decade before his time.


Downhill skiing is probably best left for the Winter Olympics thread.


Been the surprise packet of the new recruits from what I’ve heard, more for the things that we probably didn’t expect. His actual strength, apparently very hard to hold down in a tackle, and his one-on-one play defensively. I can’t wait to watch him tear off the half-back line!


Can’t wait to watch Conor and Saad screaming off half back at full burn together like a pair of F15s. Which one is the wing man?

Is there another team out there with 2 guys with that kinda speed at half back?


I don’t even know if there’s another team that matches our speed across the board?

Between McG, Saad, Conor, Zerrett, Raz, Walla, Smith, Green, Zakka and a fit Colyer…holy


I knew he was quick but seeing him live at the intra club putting the after burners on was something else! Exciting!


BT is going to love us this year. Can see him producing a Wellinghayayayayayayayayayayammmmmmmmm like call for Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaddddddddddddd when he chizzles one from 55m on the run.