#42 Adam Saad


Been glad to get him. Been good in defence and provides some run.


I would be a lot happier if one or two of his teammates offered some overlap for when he does run into trouble.

Saad was very good today.


He was good. Was trying to create something when nobody else it seemed could be farked


runs forward 15 metres, realises not a single team mate has run forward to support him, heart breaks, turns over ball

stringer, saad and smith should ask to be traded back


Did not chase hard enough.


are you for real? i lost count of the number of times he was the only one trying to chase two or three pies players as they streamed down the wing.


I agree.


Disagree. He was stuffed from all his running.


He was clearly one of our best, good on him for taking the game on instead of stopping…waiting…kicking backwards to Hurley… backwards to Hooker… backwards to Baguley…turnover…goal.


Better than many others who just coasted and not present.


You’re joking right?


Yep you could be correct; I looked again at the third qtr and Saad seems to be the only player who was running with at least three Pies many times; not sure where their Bomber opponents were.


It was an absolute indictment. Saad was absolutely stuffed, because he was doing it both ways. Others just weren’t putting in at all.

At one point we had it in the forward line. Our midfield literally had this wall across the centre square, and just kind of watched as Collingwood players led to the side, received it, and then ran off up the flanks…


Doesn’t appear as quick as he did playing against us. Gets caught often. Personally feel he needs to choose his times to take the opposition on. He doesn’t need to break they lines every tie he gets it.


At least he’s not in the “I’ll handball backwards when I get it” camp.


Running yourself into trouble and turning over the ball is just as bad. Great that he backs himself, but shouldn’t do so at the detriment of the team. Might help if his teammates provided a chop out too, but that’s not gonna happen!


There is no space in our backline. If we weren’t so horrible & stretched the field a bit more it would not be so bad. Wasn’t happening as much early on, but no coincidence as our play has gotten worse, he has gotten caught a bit more. Although he has been sold into some terrible positions at times.

He is still trying to do something, which is better than most of our team doing nothing.

I also think he has been pretty good overall.


He’s been ok. Not great but not terrible.


yep - if the team isn’t setting up properly, then Saad and anyone else trying to play well is going to struggle.


If we stop the sideways switching and handballing deep in the backline and move the ball forward faster, Saad and Mckenna will thrive.

Everything is not working all at once but that shouldn’t be a reflection on individual players.

I think Saady has been pretty solid all things considered.