#42 Adam Saad


Every time he looks up there is no one ahead of him. Hence why he gets caught holding the ball.

They bought him in to be creative and then took away all of his options going forward with the new gameplan.

I think he has been good defensively but his teammates and coaches let him down a lot going forward.


As was said on the podcast the forwards are out of position (too close to the centre) and when he takes off he ends up too close to them (only 15-20 m away). Why can’t our forwards stay closer to our goals?


Worsher doesn’t seem to mind turnovers as much as he did Conor being too speedy, so maybe Saad is getting caught now because he is scared of being blamed by Worsher of being too quick.


What Woosha said was one of the stupidest things I have heard for some time, even on here.


The bloke is doing ok. Defensively, super solid. His creativity seems stifled by either game plan, coaching instruction or the fact there’s no room because opposition teams are swarming in waves and plugging up space for him to move in.


Thought he was pretty good today. Couple of times he got the ball fairly high up the ground around the centre line and really provided some drive from there. If only his teammates cared to block and protect him rather than standing around waiting for a cheap handpass…


He’s doing alright, but when you put him in the same team as Conor his runs look even less thought-out.

Admittedly Conor makes everyone but Raz look like nuffies.


He’s sorta just going okay. He’s pretty good defensively though

What he is though, is a panic merchant. Often coughs it up unnecessarily when he’s pressured


I think his feet go too quickly for his brain. He often just runs then it’s like “what do I do now?” He had a baptism of fire given how little assistance our midfield give in terms of accountability for their opponents.


Must feel like he’s still at Gold Coast poor kent.


I haven’t looked at other threads to see if mentioned but MMM tweeted that he came off complaining about his hamstring and I didn’t notice him back on after that point (although I didn’t really pay much attention to the end of the game).


In the minority this guy because he wants to take the game on and set things up.

What he lacks is the execution and pin point skills.

I’d have him over most others, purely because he looks to be offensive.

He’s not horrid.


Those dinky little kicks, so predictable… arghh


Puts effort in but he runs first and thinks second. Thinking is good sometimes.


Every time he runs he has literally not one option ahead of him.

It’s not his fault that he makes a play and cuts through a press and then thanks to Worsfold and the other tactical geniuses upstairs, has no one ahead of him.


Yeah, he is much more solid defensively that I thought. And that should always be his number 1 priority.

But he does at least try to do something when he gets it, which is better than the rest of the seagulls/pelicans in the team.

As per above, it’s not his fault we give him no options.


Ricky Dyson > Adam Saad


It is his fault for going too fast.


Saad in the 2017 version of the team would have been farking awesome.


yep, stupid move.