#42 Adam Saad


There can’t be too many defenders in the game who have such a great balance of defence and attack.

He can play total lock down, he can also zone off and cover guys much bigger than him and as for his blistering runs out of the back 50… Well, that’s as quick as anybody.

Not this year, but I would think he’s a future AA.



He’s never seen a tackler he can’t get past!


Saad would be elite for his position and he’s still, what 24?

What a gun!


Makes me think of Damien Peverell but with real skill .


And the umps DON’T then pay stupid frees against him for doing that!

It’s delightful.


Genuinely scares the ■■■■ out of me at times with his run out of the backline. Somehow though, he just gets away with it. Incredible to watch the tiny gaps he motors through.


Keep trading those 2nd rounders Dodoro. Great pickup.

  1. Turns 24 next month


Saad has the ability to tackle a guy and get the umpire to call play on after the fact.

This could come in handy.


haha about time one went our way.


Watch out for Stringer to make a storming run home!



His defensive work is seriously underrated, has been great all season. I can’t remember him losing a 1-on-1; even when he finds himself out of position he uses his closing speed to make ammends. Would have to be Top 10 in the BnF


His ability to win 1-on-1 has come to the fore this past month, reflective of his growing confidence but also the club being more willing to back ourselves to win one on one.


l had him as our best is week, his drive was just what we needed. A genuine joy to watch him back himself on to break the lines.


Hope one day he gets a go on a wing.
Who’s gonna catch him?

He’ll be kicking Michael Long 1993 goals every couple weeks!


Could happen next game if we wanted too. Just swap him and McGrath.


the cajones on this guy to just pedal through 8 players

amazing seeing him, devon and stringer all playing to their best six months in, now if we could just trade out the rest of the Essendon players we might have a chance in the next few years


I’d prefer we didn’t. Guys who can provide that drive and shut down a defender don’t grow on trees. Its usually one or the other. If we want to move someone up to the wing, do it with McKenna.


Yes, he will take off when there’s an opponent within half a metre, and is rarely caught. Its like he can read several contests ahead like Bobbie Fischer as he ducks and weaves and spins out of trouble !. Even if he is caught every so often, I want him to keep on taking them on. He is one of the players that make watching footy enjoyable .

How good have the SSS players we picked up been. ? Without those guys, we would surely be a bottom 2 side.