#42 Adam Saad


I’m not suggesting he was the only one but in my opinion he was the biggest culprit because he was in space at times and had teammates free but he elected to kick to three and four on ones.

And no that wouldn’t have been the game plan nor was it the last few weeks.


Agree with this.

Though to be fair, when got the ball there was no-one up the FARKING field to kick it to.


Really like him. Had had a great month in particular. Finding his feet


Overall he was very good


Inspirational defensive efforts, played like it was a final.


I think he has been a fantastic addition. One of the few highlights of the season.


I’ve been impressed with his kicking, in particular how he’s able to fashion angled and/or arcing kicks from even tight positions. H’s good down back, but positioning him mainly between the 50m arcs would make him dangerous with his fast run and carry and kicking.



Given our performances in finals the last 15 years, that is harsh!


I think he has been fantastic, is a great stopper 1v1 and his pace and kicking has some real scope when we have a better team setup to use it.


Saad was great today, have said before but will say again.

I love that he always backs himself.


Shows how much McKenna has to grow to become evasive. The quick sidestep and bursts when breaking away compared to McKenna’s risks. 1 passage McKenna broke from one but not the other.


Saad has been outstanding in the last few weeks. Both defensively and offensively which is the pleasing aspect.


I don’t think McKenna needs to grow as such, IMO he needs to stop trying to do so much.


Saad has replaced Bags, while adding an offensive weapon. He’s been good all year. Great trade.


He’s just a gun plain and simple. Perfect small back.


If he continues this form, he will be comfortably in our top 5 for the B&F imo


At this stage I reckon Devon is the clear leader, but saad but I would have coming in 2nd so far. Hep with his last month of really good footy maybe 3rd.

Saad has been so much better than I thought he would be. Just love seeing him grab the ball, look to see an opponent a metre away, then just take off a burn him


When we initially traded for him I never thought he would be as good as he has been so far. His one hand pick ups, 2 on 1 defensive wins, and negating spoils on bigger opponents have been a rare joy this season to watch. My new favorite player!


Not to mention when he goes up against a taller player in a marking competition and you just know he is going to spoil the ball somehow.


I love how no matter what stage of the game it is and what is happening at that time, if he gets the ball he just takes off and says catch me if you can. No fear. He’s a beauty to watch. Great pick up!