#43 Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti - WALLA MACCA TIPPA - joining Tiwi Bombers

We can… in fact you just did…


Not sure how bad it is but the word is - Walla has one of these on mail order.

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Which is taking weight loss methods to an extreme.

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Yes well he’s not going to be happy with his weight loss until he’s reached his target as shown below.



Terrible news, we all love Tippa and there is no doubt he makes us a whole lot better (when is is playing well). There is no replacement on the list and I doubt we try and find a mature player to play his role. If we have a fit Caldwell and Hobbs pressing then, imo, McGrath should start there.

Are there any new reports on how he is gojng

Being Christmas and I’d guess most of the staff and all players on leave, I don’t think we will hear anything for some time.

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Saw Tippa this morning out, he looked pretty fit to me


Out for how long?

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So he’s been doing the opposite of all the rest us and not massively overindulging food and drink and generally sitting around being lazy?!


This is why he’s a footballer and I’m a fat bald nerd sitting at a computer eating icypoles.

Man, that’s a depressing thought. I might go get another icy pole to cheer myself up.


Ha, ha. Fat, bald nerd,. Ha, ha, arrr err, ohh… Oh No. NO.

Umm, what sort and flavour of icypole best cheers this type of person up?


That’s because he was standing next to me


Frosty Fruits way better than Icy Poles


Frosty fruits today, definitely. Calippo if you’re trying to eat while driving. Quelch if you’re trying to pretend it’s not horribly unhealthy, and if you have 2 days to spare waiting for them to freeze.

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Mate, that’s just what my holiday diet has been missing and will balance things out nicely, iced sugar water!

Thank you.

I read this and thought “I don’t remember posting this last night”.


We Blitzers are very much a different kind of athlete.


Toucan ftw.

But for the loss (I don’t care if no one says this): toothpaste green flavoured icypoles.