#43 Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti - WALLA MACCA TIPPA - joining Tiwi Bombers

All of this is by the by.
We’re not debuting Wanganeen or Fejo as a senior small forward. It’s just not happening.
Lord is a far better chance.

If the knock on Hobbs (now, I suspect, that people have gone back and seen him snap some goals) is that he’s not quick enough then by all means let’s have a sprint race with Smith.

Senior footy will be good for Hobbs. It will be good for Essendon.
I have no doubt that he wouldn’t let anyone down in any position.


Ahh, but my old man does not follow the drafts or anything. He’ll literally watch players at a game and go yep or nup.

Did something similar for Jobe too after seeing him play VFL. Granted, Tim Watson was his favourite player, and it may have been just because he wanted him to do well.

To bring this thread back to Walla - that period between 2013 and 2015, he basically stopped watching footy because of the saga. But we went to a VFL game, he saw Walla play, and was like “why isn’t he AFL listed?”. Then when he got listed at Essendon, his interest in footy sparked up again. He absolutely loves Walla.


Everyone loves him.
Except for ■■■■■.


He played 20+ games in his second and third year, kicking 60 goals. Hopefully we find a few rubbish players like him.

Don’t remember him playing much on the wing. Pretty remarkable effort to kick that many goals if he did.


Maybe I was harsh on his third year, but I’m not gonna waste time arguing about his lack of effort early in his career when his own teammates called him out on it.

Point, in this case, is that he did not debut and/or star in the midfield from round one.

Edit: and darn you for making me wiki what I, and surely you, already knew.

You really need to activate your Browsers Blitz sarcasm font before replying to posts.


When did @Reboot get added to the swear filter?


He was never rubbish


He looked really good early on a HFF, then at a certain point hit a ceiling. Not “rubbish”, because he kicked goals from day dot, but certainly looked unlikely to get out from his old man’s shadow.

Then 2007 happened.

Yep, he’s on the list for starters.

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These events really made me disappointed in how things worked out with Moz, he would really have had a great chance to lock down a spot in the team in Walla’s absence.


I think the reality is that becoming an AFL footballer is hard. And staying one, for a good period of time, is a lot lot lot harder still.


I say this without trying to be insensitive but this may be a good opportunity for the club to place Tippa on the long term injury list. Sure a calf won’t be long term but the club can say 6-8 weeks to rehab from the calf, then another 1-2 months to get his body right.

Allows the club to sign both Wanganeen and Fejo in the short term.

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Pretty sure we already have 2 list spots available.

We would need a long term injury to take a mid season pick


Putting someone on the LTI doesn’t automatically free up an SSP spot, they have to be out for the entire year and cannot play at any level, but can still train. So wouldn’t make much sense to put Walla on the LTI at this stage.


Let’s not mention Nighcliff beat Tiwi by 130 points and Cam Ilett, one of the best players from the NT to not make the AFL kicked 6.

but has now done his calf

How badly injured is he?

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Unsure of the extent of calf as yet sorry. Was confirmed he injured it

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lets hope its minor- he is a superstar

This is the Hooker calf situtation all over again.

We didn’t know Hooker injured his calf untill the eve of the season.