#43 Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti - WALLA MACCA TIPPA - till 2022

Haha thanks mate, I’ll pass it on! The lads just found out today that Richo has agreed to be in the next song clip as well! They’re buzzing.


Tippa should be renamed

“ The Hunter “

We won.

And he didn’t kick a Goal. :no_mouth:

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Happened against Hawthorn too.

And kicked a goal last week and we lost


I wouldn’t trade him for a 3rd put it that way. I’d want more than we can probably get hence it won’t happen. I didn’t write the article I was referring to.

He looked a bit ‘heavier’ around the midriff last night, maybe he’s insulating for the cold winter, or maybe he’s taken up Saad’s diet of late.

forward pressure was better last night, as it was across the entire forward line. And hey presto we get some forward half footy and eventually we come away with the win.

I can’t get that song out of my head. :grin:

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Haha, even my FC supporting cousin was sharing this music vid. Brilliant stuff.

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we finally have a new tippa stat to roll out.

every time Picket Palace release a song about one of our players, we win. FACT.


Didn’t get a lot of the pill last night but great forward pressure last night

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He and Fantasia didn’t touch the ball or have an impact on the game until we started to get repeat inside 50s in the last, They feed off chaos in the forward half, If they’re quiet it’s because the team isn’t functioning well up the ground.


Bizarro world after the bye.

Tippa goals we lose
Tippa no goals we win

If only Woosha just finds a way to prevent Tippa from scoring goals then flag.

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Reckon Tippa is doing a good job of that already. He might be injured, but he was nowhere last night. Often coming out of defence the player with the ball needed someone to run into space on the wing and Tippa should have been that player, but he just casually kept jogging and refused to make an option for him.


It’s catchy!


Lol wat

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Song by my band written in the days before the Southern stand when the dirty old green dunnies were the stuff of nightmares.

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This is terrible!!!

It’s better than the Tippa song. “Neeeeever have a ■■■■ at the MCGGGGGG!!”


They wrote that one before I joined. We’re far more refined now*

*May not be true.

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