#43 Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti - WALLA MACCA TIPPA - till 2022

Is the Public Bar still alive up there??

IIRC, it died, got resurrected, … then up for sale, … and then died again, right??

Edit: Oh yeah, have to agree, that’s a shitt song if ever I’ve heard one, … :smirk:

Yeah I think it has died. That’s an old poster, we only play once a year or so just for laughs.

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Looks like we’ve been beaten to writing a Tippa song:

Anthony McDonald Tipungwuti
a small statured bloke that’s really good at footy
something something…

There’s a reason I don’t write lyrics.

Coming ta get ya… hearing footsteps :+1:t6:


Just saw a short clip of the Tippa song a few moments ago on some Fox footy show. Sheil was also on, but l missed most of his inteview.

Oh yeah! What a fun song, brimming with energy and like Tippa, so fast!

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Damn, the Tippa song is written by ‘massive carlton fans’?

I feel dirty now…

Compelling and rich


I watched the video a couple of times and I reckon it’s brilliant. My favourite moment:


There’s one blank too many in the second row…




Now the ‘Last Chance Rock n Roll Bar’ speakin of dodgy loos, still the same!

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Oh yes…of course.

The first D would be filled out when the second one was

Same with the N

Factually inaccurate 0/10


And the A after buying the vowel, FFS

It was driving me up the wall, you beat me to the post, thank you

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My post was neither of those things, nor for that matter, was yours. I was just surprised that the song had made its way into a mainstream footy program, and even more so that l should find it on in a hotel in Mount Gambier.

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The best and the worst. Kind of sums us up in general. However, it all means nothing given it can’t take into account where the shots are taken from.

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What I make from this analysis is that if you take an average of the best and worst, on average, we are OK.

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What l take from that is we need to Sheil to it up Walla on a lead to take a shot on goal, and avoid the opposite happening.

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